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  1. Tonight i had the pleasure to go see one of the best magicians of our time perform, Mr. David Copperfield . I also got the pleasure to meet Chris Kenner which was really cool.(Chris if your reading, this is Colin) Anyway I just wanted to say how amazing Copperfield's presentation is. For one of his performances he picked out people from the audience at random and had them name numbers and some other things. Before this he told a great story of his grandpa and dad and how things occurred(im not gonna say much about the story so i don't spoil it for people who might see his show) but the way he told it just made that trick that more memorable. Anyway, after the numbers were named he revealed that his predictions were all correct through a tape that was in a box suspended above the stage. After that you thought the trick was over but then he took a bag and said these were my grandpas old license plates to his car, and he said that he always had a lucky number that he would always use in the lottery but he never won, he then flipped over the license plates and the numbers were the same as the predicted numbers. The way he told the story and built everything up and revealing them one by one just made that trick so memorable. Words cant describe it so I am not even gonna try, just go see him perform, you wont regret it. That trick and his whole show were the best stage performances I have ever seen, and i dont think it will be topped anytime soon....
  2. Did you see his favorite FLYING? :)
    Of crse he is the best ofthe best. Were was his show? WIch country? (USA?)
  3. I can only wish to see his Flying illusion live. That has to be one of my favorite illusions of all time. He also had an awesome presentation for his Snowstorm routine.
  4. I had the pleasure to see his flying illusion about 12 years ago...yes ...it has been a long time and i can tell you it looks even more great if you stand right in front of whats happening ;)
  5. Apparently Copperfield's trick he is most proud of is the Death Saw :S I think Flying is better, well its my fav.

  6. I saw him a month ago (in Cleveland, took a while to get there but was well worth it), he was great. I did't get to see flying:( , but I did get to see deathsaw.
  7. I saw him a few months ago in Baltimore

    he was phenomenal... the prediction/car thing was my favorite effect... it was just unbelievable

    He really just commanded the audience... and he does the same show like 2 times a day but it still seems as if he is doing it for the first time

    He was just great
  8. I saw his show before I was an experienced magician. I didn't really perform or anything. If I ever see him now, I'd bring a deck of Brown Wynn's and ask his crew and him to sign it. I'd be honored just to talk to the guy.
  9. Wow I was at the show last night too!

    I think I saw you.

    I was up near the stage after the show and got to meet David. Then I talked with Chris for a while and came out to the lobby.

    Were you there with another kid?

    I was the kid who was with Chris...I had a grey AE polo and a deck of red Alladins 1001's (Thanks again Chris!)

    Awesome that we were both at the show!
    Where did you sit?

  10. I saw that same show awhile ago! It is a truly memorable experience. Even though I thought about half of it was like a auto-biography! But the magic was amazing so it was a great show.

  11. Cool man. I remmber when i saw him he was amazing.

    Michael Baker
    One Chance to amaze

  12. If that was the one in Buffalo I was there too. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet David Copperfield. He went right to the back.
  13. I missed my chance. David Copperfield was in Boston a little while ago and I had the opportunity to buy tickets but I didn't. Now I'm really mad because I didn't realize that he even performed death saw or flying anymore. I wish I'd bought those tickets.

    Anyway, has anyone seen his presentation of Dream of Aces. I love the way he does it.
  14. No. It was the one in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

    The show is sooo much better when you see it twice in one week ;)

  15. Where is he next scheduled to perform?
  16. I believe he is in Binghamton New York right now...then back to Vegas.

    I think.

  17. You can check his schedule on his website.
  18. Just out of curiosity how long were the shows that you guys saw in the past several weeks or so?

    I saw him about a year ago and the show was at least two hours long.

    I saw him last weekend and the show was less than an hour. The show started 20 minutes late. The middle of the show was a taped recording of his straitjacket escape with the obligatory 10 minute intro video. Overall there was about probably 35-40 minutes of performance. The effects he did were incredible but pretty much everyone I brought with me and the people sitting around us felt like the show was cut short for some reason. People were actually complaining about how short it was on the way out instead of clamoring about how great the effects were. I was a bit disappointed overall considering I went all out this time around and bought the best seats in the house because I was bringing people who had never seen him before. Maybe next time will be better....

  19. The trick he should be proud of introducing to us is the "Hundred dollar bill switch", that spawned lots of others bill transformations since.
  20. I saw him Wednesday and Saturday..and both were about an hour I think...the last thing I was thinking about was the time.


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