David Roth

Sep 1, 2007
Savannah, GA
He's one of the few magician's I'd pay money just to watch retention vanish something. His work is truely this art at its best.

If I were ANYWHERE near the New York area, I'd break my neck to get to watch him live...unfortunately, down here in South Georgia, not many magician's travel here... And rightfully so: There's no IBM. There aren't any magic shops. It's really a dead area.

Anyone who IS in the area and suffering from the same...er...craving to speak with someone else in person (it's been FOREVER since I've got to just sit back and chill with another magician), send me a PM.
I'd kill to go, but how beginner-friendly do you think this lecture is? It says on the website that you must be able to do a classic palm, which I can (can't everyone?), but will this lecture be okay for someone who is almost a complete beginner to coin magic?
David Roth is definitely a great magician and his lectures are amazing. But even if you can't make the lectures, you can always go to Fantasma, which he works and just talk to him, about lots of stuff, he's a great down to earth crazy coin man =)

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