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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Doug McKenzie, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Nice Contest. Here is my submission.
    The camera quality sucks, but I hope its ok.
    The idea is related to René Magrittes "La reproduction interdite".

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  2. Hopefully humor gets me somewhere...

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  3. What book is that from? I swear I had it as a kid.
  4. i almost peed myself when i saw that.
  5. Thanks. Maybe I do have a chance to win.
  6. The book is, "No David, No!"
  7. Video Submission for the Split Spades : 2008 Image Awards.
    The quality is not as good as I would like it to be, because I had to compress it a bit to get it on youtube.
    Hope you guys like it.


  8. Josh, I liked some stuff in there^^ awesome.
  9. Your name is Josh_Destroys, how ironic. You destroyed a chance to make a decent / lolollolololololololololololololololol
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  11. If your image won't attach, or if you have a video submission, you can upload to sites like Photobucket.com, Imageshack.us, or in the case of a video - Vimeo or YouTube - and simply post a link to the file in your forum post.
  12. why'd you make an alter..?

    lets worship david blaine in all of his glory... and split spades......
    glorious art thou.
    thou shall bow to thee
  13. So is this going to be used as an ad for Split Spades, or what?
  14. I can't see them using mine as an add for Split Spades. (It's on page 13)
  15. Lol, that video made my laugh my a$$ off
  16. The tricks, or the beginning?
  17. very nice!! loved it. i'm kind of amazed how smooth you are when your hands are probably freezing. lol

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