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  1. Thanks for kick my behind. :D
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    Well, it’s been a busy week for me with Christmas just around the corner, work taking advantage of me and all my free time, and prep for college that is soon to come. However, despite my hectic schedule, I have finally finished my drawing for the contest without a deck of Split Spades!


    Depending on how I feel (and how much free time I have) I may decide to make a few changes, but for now, this is my entry. Feel free to tell me what you guys think. Enjoy.
  3. Calen, I really liked this. Good job. I liked the thing with your shades and up at 00:51.
  4. Funny! I don't think you'll win, but that's original.
  5. Hey Calen,

    Are you from Oregon? Saw an 'O' on your jacket.
  6. Yes sangn503, i live in the dalles oregon about 1 hour from portland, why.
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  8. Bolth, i know the flourifhing is not that great but it was cold.
  9. http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=0r8yD5_D2u0&fmt=18

    Hello, nice to meet everyone from all around the world. My name is Lee Min, and my English name is Jet Lee. Why my name is Jet Lee? Because I think the LOGO “JL” is so cool!

    This video is made for the competition from “Theory 11”, it is also my first time to use software “Sony Vegas” to edit this video. I am just a beginner for XCM, the trick from Denial Madison is interesting for me, and I hope everyone will like my video.

    In my video, you can see the action “push-up” , that is my “Finger Training” Ha

    The place which be filmed in this video is in my university’s auditorium, but it had not decorated yet. The background music is from the film-Propaganda, it is from the website “Theory11”, I hope everyone doesn’t mind. Thank you for your patience.

    In my blog, there has some other unofficial films. Welcome everyone to visit my blog.


    P.S. I come from Taiwan
  10. your video was very well produced and polished although i thought you copied way too many things from the Propaganda trailer. you also might want to work on the overall smoothness of your flourishes

    hi.. my name is Bruce.....LEE >=D
  12. i still thought your video was great though. the editing was very top notch.
  13. thanks a lot

    the only thing i can do is...

    improve my smoothness of flourish

    hoever I'm just a beginner
    i will do my best
  14. check your PM's JL
  15. Pretty Cool vid. More Practice on those flourishes...
  16. [​IMG]

    Abstract seems just about right.
  17. I made a few minor adjustments to the saturation and contrast. Here's my final.

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