Derren Brown Controls The Nation - Did It Work On You?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by goku, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Fairly sure this is linked heavily with suggestion and hypnosis. The video itself I found was pretty much something to transfix you attention laced with binaural beats.

    You have to watch the whole show I guess. Either way Derren and his team are geniuses and have pulled this off extremely well.
  2. That wont do it, thats why he said that doing it off the web is bad.

    You have to watch the whole show and concentrate on it really really good.

  3. Most of the suggestion was right before he played the video. The rest was getting you into the right state.

  4. And you know, because you can detail the exact method and theoretically perform it?
  5. Based upon my own (limited) experience in hypnosis, Derren's definitely using hypnotic language/suggestion to make this particular effect work. The actual video of funky music and spiralling lines is almost negligible. It's his presentation that makes the stunt successful; his "script" is practically verbatim to that of a stage hypnotist deepening the trance of volunteers onstage. He's offering reassurance and providing double binding commands to make television viewers understand their internal dialogue and comply with the experience. The structure of what he says is absolutely parallel to what I say to make people forget important details of their own life like their own birthday or first name.

    It's clever how Derren dresses the entire thing up though. I admittedly only saw the end of the special, but the fact that he apparently accomplished the stunt without a traditional formal induction is pretty sweet. I love how he adds multiple layers of deception to hide various techniques and methods in his material. His effort in presentation in his work is unsurpassed in my opinion. It's very, very admirable.


  6. I was simply remarking on what I believe is the folly of ruling anything out in the manner in which it was. It reminds me of those people posting their guesses about how Copperfield's Statue of Liberty vanish was done beneath the YouTube videos.
  7. And you know that he dosent do that, because you can detail the exact method and theoretically perform it?

  8. Quote me where I said he doesn't do that.
  9. Anyone else see the subliminal image flash?
  10. Yeah, I've tried numerous times to pause my recorded version exactly when it flashes, but have yet to succeed... Upon slowing the video down (Hooray for Sky+) it appears to be someone strapped/roped to a chair trying and struggling to get up?

    - Sean
  11. I think the subliminal image that people saw flash was intended to be conciously seen. It would deepen the belief that subliminal techniques are at work and therefore the film would indeed be subliminal.
  12. Ya, I watched the full thing, paused it a couple times....but anyways. I wasnt fully stuck but while I was getting up it felt like a huge force was pushing me down. Anyone else have that feeling?
  13. The techniques used were exactly the same as a stage hypnotist would use to determine who would be good participants to get up on stage. If any audience members get stuck to their chair or their hands get stuck together etc then they will be the most receptive. All the patter before he showed the film was the equivalent to a hypnotist's opening and the rest of the program was made to create belief and expectancy. I liked it.
  14. I thought the actual program was really sub par, same with the lottery prediction. It's just not up to the same quality as, say The System or Messiah or any of his live shows. It's bordering on amateurish.

    Still hoping for some big twist as the Events continue, though, that will make them better.
  15. I was stuck to my chair with disappointment
  16. Why were you dissapointed that it worked on you.
  17. I've been enjoying them, but I can see your point exactly and agree with you. I think they aren't in the same league because they more like experiments than anything else, I think even Derren doesn't know as much as he usually does about what will happen.
  18. I watched the entire show yesterday.
    I tried to make the conditions better by watching it in pitch darkness by myself in a comfy arm chair but it didnt work.. ];
    The video had an effect on me though, but it wasnt pleasant. I felt nautious and it messed with my senses. kinda weird. I could get up quite comfertably though
  19. when was this?
  20. Does his show only come on in the UK?

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