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  1. I have searched for a thread with this subject and come up with no hits so far.

    I was just wondering what the brits around here are thinking about this forthcoming show.
    There's a lot of stuff I've found out about it, but I won't post it just yet because I want to know what you lot have found.
  2. Hmmm, i have heard all sorts, apparently if he gets caught he could go to prison for 15 years?.. doubt it, apparently involves some massive robbery like the heist and what not, honestly though i have no idea, we'll just have to wait and see!! :D
  3. Doubt it. Derren never fails to entertain.

    Looking forward to it.
  4. Sounds awesome!

  5. Here just some info about the Events:

    Derren Brown is back with his most extraordinary series yet, 'THE EVENT'. Filmed for Channel 4 in front of a live studio audience, this series is made up of four one hour specials - during which Derren will attempt some of the most incredible feats to date.

    Starts 11/09 on Channel 4 at 9.00pm.

    Brown has described his new show as “potentially a career breaker” and featuring a stunt that will literally “immobolize” viewers (insert coach potato joke HERE). "The second show is a piece of media that will be played to the viewing nation and will have the effect of rendering them immobile. Not all of them, but it will stick a lot of people to their seat. It's safe and has never been done before."

    The mind reader and magician's latest Friday night series The Events, will be shown on Channel 4 this autumn. In the second episode, How To Control The Nation, he claims he will literally have viewers stuck to their sofa.

    During the interactive episode, Brown will explore the techniques of subliminal messaging using a special film created for the show.

    Derren Brown He will then invite the viewers to phone him on the night and relay what happened to them.

    The episode is one of a series of four one-hour specials, which will included pre-recorded scenes, and some live audience interaction.

    Brown said: "The second show is a piece of media which will be played to the viewing nation – that will have the effect of rendering them immobile. Not all of them, but it will basically stick a lot of people to their seats. It's safe, it won't work on everybody, but it's applying what I do one on one with people on stage and turning it into a piece of technology that can then be broadcast – and it has never been done before.

    "I think there'll be quite a wide range of responses. I'm sort of experimenting with mass influence and suggestion in the current live show that I'm doing, and this idea came from that work. It's perfectly safe though. People will be able to call into the show – we'll be telling people to keep their phones within reach – and I'll be talking to some of those people during the show, so I'll be ablt to find out how viewers have reacted.

    "If viewers' TVs happened to break, or I died suddenly, after a few minutes people would be able to stand up again

    He will also take part in Channel 4's special week of 3D programming – Derren Brown's 3D Magic Spectacular will see the illusionist "play host to some of the world's greatest, funniest and most shocking magicians performing magic specially shot in stunning 3D".
  6. Not sure if American folk know about the recent £43 million jewellery heist in London a few weeks ago, but apparently Andy Nyman has confirmed 100% that Derren was behind it. The media and the Police are both in on it aswell.

    Also, Derren will apparently take on Manchester United in a football game, and win...

    Also, there will be an incident at a performance of the Queen-based musical "We Will Rock You". 100% confirmed, apparenlty :)

    There may also be something involving the Prime Minister of England.
  7. Allright, this just got 10 times more intresting.

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    My thoughts exactly. Wonder has quoted a couple of news website (I think) but here is some stuff that you have to find out for yourself. Granted some of this comes off a youtube video.

    As you will know, the adverts have been playing on TV's for a few weeks now and this is what I have deduced from it...


    In the background of the advert is a billboard with "UnitedManchester"(.com) written on it backwards. If you go to it looks like the Manchester untied website except inverted. Clicking anywhere on the page will take you to The crest in the top left hand corner of the page has the inscription "hic locus verus non est". This is latin for "this place is not true." All of the text on the page is backwards but when read forwards it reads as follows:
    "Ian Ducee discusses is undergoing extensive drug testing after he froze on the pitch in last night's match. Early reports state tht he felt "stuck to the spot" as though hypnotised after glancing at the big screen."
    "Wren Ordbern talks to us about misdirection as the key to his goal-scoring success. "It's all about making them look the other way" he tells"
    "Sponsors accused of using subliminal messaging in their advertising. More."
    "New boy on the backwards scene Brown is just "magic". More."
    "Claim that reverse football website is just a front for getting people to go to the Derren Brown The Event website. More"
    "Interested in playing backwards football? Click here to locate your nearest club."
    "5 steps to mastering the "Illusion" technique used by top players to slip the ball past the defence. Click here."
    "Backwards merchandise and tickets to the 09/09/09 game are available from our shop. click here"

    Also in the background of the advert is written on the bus shelter. If you go to THIS website you will be greeted by what is apparently an ordinary pizza website, but on closer inspection it is not. Reading the text on the right hand side you find the sentence " is a pizza company with a difference, it doesn't exist". Also the pizzas on the page are 'pizza illusione' and 'pizza mesmera' and at the bottom is the meal deal "order two large pizzas and get a free bottle of Gioco di Mente from the Marrone family vineyard" Gioco di Mente is Italian for 'mind games'. Looking closer still at that website you will notice that the red background is comprised entirely of Derren Brown's face. Again, clicking anywhere on this page will take you to I won't type out all of the text on this one because I'm sure most of you are capable of reading regular writing. I would reccomend reading it if you are interested though.

    Also on the advert are many small things that are likely to bear some subtle significance to the shows. For example when the advert is played as it originally was aired (so backwards) a man runs by and shouts "taxi!". This man has a large white circle on the back of his jacket. When Derren stops by the little girl on the island and looks pointedly at her, he says 'which can make even the most secure systems vulnerable'. The girl has a balloon which floats down into her hand, and the balloon has a bird on. Possibly an eagle. This looks rather like the Barclays symbol and also like the Polish one, so God only knows what that means. Obviously a 'secure system' could well be referring to a bank, but it is debateable whether he will be robbing a bank or something along those lines, because incase you hadn't noticed it is illegal and also he did something similar in the Heist. Something else that is odd, is that as he is about to step off the 'island' in the middle of the road, there is a small cut in the footage. You can tell if you watch his facial expresion carefully. It is as a car goes past. Also as he steps past the last line of cars towards the island, there is a shadow or a puddle just infront the little girl which visibly shrinks and vanishes as he walks.

    On the lamppost he passes there are 5 stickers with numbers on. These appear to be 4, 25, 0, 6, and 47. Arguably these could be related to the bus that goes past with the red thumbs up symbol and bearing the slogan 'it will be you'. This is extremely similar to the lotto slogan 'it could be you', and the similarity between the red thumbs up and the lotto symbol suggest that something there may be related. If this is the case then it seems likely that the five numbers are five lottery numbers and that perhaps the circle on the man's back is suggesting something about the last number. Maybe it has something to do with a taxi.

    There are quite a few references to newspapers with three people in the background reading them and the paper guy on the bike who tells him to get off the road (backwards). The truck at the end has 'red and black' on it and it seems that most things in the advert are red or black. Almost everyone is wearing black and all the adverts and things are red: the girls balloon included. The most noteable things that are red and black in life are (ofcourse) a deck of cards or a roulette wheel (to my mind). Derren Brown has mentioned before that he has a system for roulette wheels so perhaps there will be something about that. Ofcourse the numbers on the lamp post could refer to that too.
    Has anyone else noticed that it's going to be at 9 o clock on the ninth of the ninth of the ninth?
    If lotto has anything to do with it then I would guess that the number 9 comes into it somewhere, because he's just like that. You'll know what I mean iuf you've seen ENIGMA.

    This is what Wikipedia has to say on the subject:
    The Events
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Events are forthcoming Derren Brown television specials that will air on Channel 4. Filmed for in front of a live studio audience, this new series (due to be shown on 11th September 2009 from 9:00) is made up of four one hour specials, during which Derren will attempt what he has described as "some of the most incredible feats to date". The show will consist of a mixture of pre-recorded location pieces connected by theatre-based segments, with each of the four one-hour programmes building up to a major stunt performance.
    The first teasers broadcast were very unusual with Brown speaking in reverse but walking forwards with events around him happening forwards. Seemingly cryptic messages were also hidden in the advert such as links to a "Manchester United" website. The advert was later played forwards (although now with Brown moving in reverse), and revealed the premise of the shows. Derren explains that in his new series he will be reavealing the "inner workings" of his tricks and "showing you how to get away with it". Brown also mentions misdirection - an area of illusionism once performed by the likes of Houdini.

    It has been suggested that the skateboarder could be coops but I see no reason why it should be. There are two ladies and one car that are going in the opposite direction to everyone else.

    It seems probable to me that there will be something about getting past the defences of some reputably secure system. Granted this could be a bank because I can think of nothing more secure off the top of my head.

    Clearly the, heavily implies that he will be sticking people down.
    I fully expect some of this (possibly a lot) to be complete bullsh!t. Red herrings. Misdirection.

    And yes, I am the biggest geek ever.

    EDIT: for anyone who's confused I think it will be aired on the ninth in Britain and the 11th in the US
  9. It doesnt matter that you're a geek, This took a lot of EXTENSIVE research, so mad respect for that.

    I stopped reading halfway- it'll ruin the 'magic' for me to be a skeptic. I'll re-read it after i see the special.
  10. Derren Brown The Events

    Derren Brown for me is easily one of the very best mentalist-(psychological Illusionist) around, he's very unique & displays excellent showmanship. Something Wicked This Way Comes was excellent, if you have not seen this yet you need to see it. The whole hour show built into a stunning climax, where all these other effects made one final effect. This is a excellent example of how effects should build to a climax. enjoy:
  11. I love Derren's work and I am more than intrigued. And now I have a burning desire to go to the UK just to watch this.
  12. Do it! You know you want to. You only have 5 days and 57 minutes left to get here! No I'm not THAT sad. There is a little count down on his website.
  13. For once in my magic world, I am actually happy to live in England :)
  14. Was he really behind the jewel heist?
  15. I guess your on about the £40million heist in London a few weeks back, no he wasn't they have people for the robbery.
  16. Yh i thought so, in one of the previous posts one guy said that he was behind it, just wanted to know if it was true.
  17. I'm at the edge of my friggin' seat and I feel like a kid at Christmas! :D
  18. The Events

    Derren Brown to predict lottery results​

    Derren Brown will attempt to predict the lottery results this Wednesday in the first episode of his new series, The Events.

    The illusionist will broadcast live from a secret location and, in a television first, Channel 4 will show the event across its entire network on Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4 and 4 Music.

    Following the live prediction, Derren will reveal on Friday 11th September at 9pm how he did it and how viewers at home can also do it.

    Speaking about the stunt, he said: "I realise there are a lot of questions this brings up, and I hope they'll be answered on the Friday night show. For now, I'm really excited and really nervous and cannot tell you for sure how well it will work. Some things just have to be tried."

    Derren's previous TV specials have included live Russian Roulette, a seance and a foolproof horse race gambling system.

    Watch the video below as Derren explains more about The Events. You can see the lottery prediction live on Wednesday at 10.35pm.

    Are you a fan of Derren Brown? Do you think he will succeed in his latest stunt? Let us know...

    Derren explains all in this video:
    Personal I cannot wait it all sounds very interesting, & all very exciting stuff I will not miss this for anything.
  19. Litterally just starting!!!!
  20. The Events

    Derren Brown to predict lottery results​

    Derren Brown has just predicted the National Lottery Results, Derrens was 100% correct. Well done Derren Brown, one of the best performers of our time.

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