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  1. I didnt really get the special. He didnt say anything in particular. Although i think the balls were gimmicked, since he said that noones winning chances are changed. So that means he could not have done the second method.

    And the first one was kinda too obviously not it. Although he made me believe this should be possible, but it was probably a devious system.

    So i think something was going on with the balls, but i dont believe he would stand on the same level as Criss Angel.

  2. This just hit me, Derren is doing this for some reason.
    My theory is that he wants to do something worldwide, expand his name beyond England officially.
    Why in the heck would he do such idiotic stuff that have no meaning but get him alot of attetion. We know that he is not an Egomaniac so he is not doing this just to get a few weeks of his name appearing in newspapers. There must be a reason behind this, something big.

  3. Actually, doing this would not affect anyone's chances of winning. Because people are just as likely to choose these numbers as they are to choose any numbers. Think of it not in terms of 'the chances of the balls being the numbers I chose' but 'the chances of me choosing the numbers that come out' and you'll notice that actually, nobody's chances should be changed at all.

    But anyway, why is it that people don't believe him when he tells you how he does it, but do believe him when he says things like 'nobody's chances are changed'? He's a magician/mentalist/illusionist after all, why should you actually believe a word he says?
  4. Great point, but for my defence why i believed one and not the other is simple Psychology.

    People decide weather or not something is valid by thinking of Facts. I know for a fact that he is telling the truth on that nobody´s chances are changed by knowing that they would not let him change the odds. Its cheating and could get the Lottery in mayor trouble, not to mention they would have to give back all the tickets for that day.

    Although people deciding on facts is very dangerous, since alot of us are Believers in god so we dont rely on facts(this is where my language barrier kicks in, im an Atheist but i cannot think of a better way to write the sentence. Do forgive me...).

  5. Fair enough.
    And no problem with the language barrier, that made perfect sense :)
  6. i think there were a bit too many holes. i had a randomer asking me why the hall was empty and after he watched the reveal he found it even more suspioucous that those people were watching the live stream backstage instead of sitting in the hall.

    afterall i think it raised derren up a notch again. when you think he had done everything he does this. and it was magic to (almost) everyone, even the people who worked with it so i think its all fine and i love how he not told the actual secret in the reveal.:D
  7. Even if I knew nothing about magic, I could see that there is absolutely no way he accomplished his effect how he says he did in his first, main explanation. The key point to me is that Channel 4's schedules are worked out well in advance. On that basis, Derren would certainly not have still been experimenting with "the wisdom of crowds" three days before he was due to go live on air. Everything would have had to have been tied up, prepared and rehearsed long before that. He, and Channel 4, are not going to risk their reputations on a the slender chance a dodgy piece of misinterpreted pop psychology will work, automatic writing or no automatic writing.

    I actually think he did give away his real method, but through a subtle hint rather than explicitly, and therefore stuck to his promise to teach us how to do it. I think I could only have noticed it having read his books and seen his lecture though.
  8. Was it the "If anybody asks..." bit?
  9. I haven't had a chance to watch the special yet, but isn't he doing something to the television audience, (sticking them to their seats or something?)? Watching some of Darren's other stuff, some initial preparation is often used. Perhaps he's preparing the nation with subliminal messaging of some sorts. hmmm... you are all being manipulated!
  10. Friday's show involves a video he's created that will hopefully stick viewers to their seats I believe; should be interesting to say the least.

    - Sean
  11. How to control the nation is the one I have been looking forward to most. It is going to be completely epic. I daresay there will be plenty of people who switch off their televisions and begin praying for the nation when it comes on.

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