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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Geraint2k2, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have something that you might be interested in.

    About a year ago I came up with a new card control called 'Accapello' which will change the way sandwich effects are done forever.

    So far I have shown it to big names such as :
    Jeff Mcbride
    Gregory Wilson
    Daniel Garcia
    Dee Christopher
    Jordan Lapping
    Johan Sundvall
    Erik Jansson
    Allan Hagan
    Daniel Madison
    Gianni Vox
    Dan Buck
    Myles Nakouzi
    Joshua Jay
    Alex Lourido

    All of whom liked my material.

    I have quotes such as
    "...You cheeky ******* ! Thats terrific"
    -Greg Wilson

    " Aww man, that's awesome "
    - Daniel Garcia

    " wow ! thats real nice "
    - Joshua Jay

    " Excellent! I love it "
    - Jeff Mcbride

    " Wow! thats so great. Very clever. "
    - Alex Lourido

    and more ....

    I've put this control as well as other things I've created into a PDF.

    Email me for details or PM me
    and if you want to discuss anything, do it on this thread.


    Geraint Clarke

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  2. those r some pretty sick quotes. i believe it. are you going to be publishing it soon?
  3. It's published in my New pdf.

    Although im trying to find a way of marketing it.

    If enough of you show interest on here. Maybe theory11 would be kind enough to host it :D
  4. Is there any possibility to see the actual video of it?
  5. I dont have a preview video of the actual control at the moment.

    My camera is bust :(

    But its not just 'Accapello' in the notes, its sooo much more than just one control.
  6. Yeah I commented on this at D&D forums, hope you publish it :)
  7. It is published. Just not sold .......... yet.
  8. Just out of interest, how can something be a 'much talked about underground control'? Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron? It's like saying 'this is a move that everyone's been waiting for for ages, but nobody's ever heard of it before.'
  9. I do agree, it is an oxymoron , but not a stupid one.

    Bitter sweet , deafening silence etc etc Are all poetic oxymorons used in songs or theatre.

    So oxymorons are good in some cases.

    Underground is a brand these days. Its known by few, and speculated by many.

    The clipshift was talked about, and speculated upon for years with performances and tutorials on youtube of people who thought they knew what Chad was doing. But only by a specific group of magicians who appreciate the set genre that Chad's move falls into.

    But thanks for the reply, spose you caught me out a bit :(
  10. first of all: No advritising
    second of all: published would mean that it's being sold
    thirdly: is an awesome word
    lastly: instead of published you should say 'completed'
  11. Mhmm... Just like Underground Epicenter. ;)

    On topic though, this does seem intriguing a control with kudos from those guys :) How much are you initially thinking of selling it for?

    - Sean
  12. What do you mean No advertising ?

    So your stopping me from saying what I have completed ?

    Or do you mean, you have seen nothing on it ?
  13. Hey Sean,

    Yeah, im thinking of selling the pdf for £8 intially.

    I think I have you on my Msn contact list. But i've never spoken to you :S
  15. Apologies to you Dizzi. (David)

    Mods delete the thread then please ....

    Oh, and maybe your signature is a little bit of an advert aswell man.
    Think about it...

    Cheers for reading anyway people.

  16. Owned.. Haha lol..
  17. What does this control do ? Thanks
  18. Wicked ! back on subject.

    This 'Accapello' control has 3 variations.

    one of them is a sandwich steal. So a way of getting a signed selection inbetween 2 sandwiching cards without touching the deck, and with no dupes. And with the chosen card never leaving the spectators sight.

    the second variation is another sandwich move, but alot easier, same circumstances as above, but you are 1000 steps ahead of the spectator.

    the third variant is a way of controlling a card from middle to bottom or top.

    Those are just the three variations on the 'Accapello' card control.

    There is alot of other controls and effects in the notes though dude.

  19. I thought so :p
    But i have seen Davids effect, and it looks good, so i appreciate his opinion as a fellow magician and creator.
  20. just to clear things up: I was not being harsh, just pointing it out so that if this topic gets locked you'll know why (I ahve yet to be notified about my signatutre so I doubt it will be a problem)
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