Difficulty Level of Cultural Exchange DVDs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sovex, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Through odd means, I acquired several magic DVDs a few years back, including the two Cultural Exchange DVDs (Shoot Ogawa and Apollo Robbins, mostly card and coin stuff, if you're not familiar). They sat for years, until my recent re-spark in magic interest. After watching them, I was left baffled. The methods are well explained, but they seem way beyond what I could possibly do, and I felt that tug of "I'm never going to be good enough to do this!"

    For background, as I've posted previously, I was really into card magic as a kid, but recently became interested in it again. I have been learning and re-learning basic sleights and routines that I should have mastered years ago.

    So I wanted to check with folks more knowledgeable than myself: How difficult are the moves on this DVD, in relation to someone who's pretty much just learning the basics? Is it a matter of just practicing a lot, or is this stuff way too advanced for someone of my level?

    On the plus side, the coin material on the DVDs have made me think about pursuing that area of magic, in addition to my card work.

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