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  1. Here's a coin trick worthy for an "all card guy" to do. Seriously, I've been doing this trick for months and I'm a little upset now that all you will be doing it too. On the other hand that's what this site is about, releasing the underground.

    Scotch and Soda was one of my first magic purchases and is quite possibly the most direct coin effect ever BUT it's one weakness is the need for a "red curtain" or a cover up (think stage illusions and those cheesy oversized blankets used to cover shit up). BJ has completely gotten rid of the need to cover the coins. Everything is done in front of your audiences face.

    I never thought 10 years later I'd be buying gimmicked coins again but the payoff is well worth it --- Just watch the reaction Dan White gets in the trailer, it's that good in real life, EVERYTIME.

  2. And here I was saying how weird it'd be for you to do coin magic, like 15 minutes ago. I still can't see it :p I'm not a big fan of coin magic, it's actually my least favorite, but from the video it does look like a stunning effect, even knowing its gaffed I don't know how it's done.
  3. Dan/BJ/Dan W.,

    How is the reset on this effect in terms of resetting it in front of someone else without having to break table in half to reset something like S&S.

  4. The Reset? This was created with that very idea in mind. You don't have to worry about that. You can move on and doit again right after you are done. :)

    Dan makes it look good!
  5. Sick...I will have to order this asap. That was my biggest gripe with S&S which you seem to have resolved for whiners like me =)

  6. Good writeup Dan, even your reviews are better than mine what will I ever be better at than you haha jk. Ill probably be picking it up
  7. Its very direct and visual. I am very selective with coins because people "know" something is going on. This keeps your hands clean. For me that is important because I have found that people love to grab at objects. These coins are not something they see all the time. This makes it even more important that you are clean. so I think.
  8. I'm gonna order it on monday.
  9. Just wanted to throw in that this is my new favorite coin effect. 1:04 - 1:10 of the preview video makes me break down and cry each time I watch it... seriously. I'm wiping away tears as I write.

    Amazing job to Dan White, BJ, and D&D for this review.
  10. seems like a pretty good deal for $34. i know that gimmicked coins from people like schoolcraft and lassen can be VERY pricy, especially if you're getting them custom made. but to include a dvd with the gimmicked coin(s) seems like a great deal
  11. This is probably my favorite coin trick since the first time I saw BJ do it almost 7 years ago. He designed it back in the days when he worked in restaurants; it's incredibly practical, and it hits hard.

    I've yet to see any other version of Copper/Silver Transpo that tops this one for it's clarity and impact.
  12. Thanks for the insight. I'm going to order it next month :)
  13. Being an "all card guy" myself, I have to admit that this seems like a perfect buy that will get excellent reactions with (supposedly) minimal sleight effort.

    I look forward to it and hope that my expectations are preceeded.

    By the way, it was very nice to talk to you guys at MAGIC Live! Wonderful stuff.

  14. well the first time i saw the trailer for this trick, i realized how it was done...
    easy trick, but hard to master
  15. Seems like we had that in common.

    This trick looks amazing and is definitely an effect I want to pick up, hopefully soon. I have not been into coin magic..."smoothly", I have always changed back to cards, big card man myself, but this is forcing me to change my direction for the time being, but that's a good thing.

    For only $34, for the coins & the DVD? Seems to be too good to be true.

  16. Let's hope so. I ordered Digital Dissolve today, mainly because it looked absolutely gorgeous. I also haven't seen a visual coin effect around lately, so I jumped on this one quickly. I also order a pack of Guardians just to try it out, nothing huge in my opinion.

  17. Is the effect the single transposition, or is there more of a multi-step C and S routine on the DVD?
  18. either way im gonna add some other transpo sequences myself using dissolve as a ending
  19. It looks great. I would buy it but unfortunatly it only comes in american currency:( . I live in Canada.
  20. Sigh, living in Asia is annoying!

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