Sep 1, 2007
Hong Kong
Sigh, living in Asia is annoying!
True, because the majority of the magicians or magic creators are from the US, UK and Europe.

This kind of tricks are great, like Scotch and Soda, but I never bought and tried them because using US coins outside US seems strange and looks suspicious to the spec. :(


theory11 artist
Aug 31, 2007
In my humble opinion the trick can be done anywhere in the world. Why? Because the strongest part of the effect is the fact that they the spectator can see and touch everything, in the end they get to play with everything and you are clean. Transposition effects are very strong for any person, the fact that they are holding the Silver Coin and they see the change that is what fries them. Also they see both side of both coins.

When I started playing with the effect I also had multiple sets (effects) but with time I realized that is better to set my audience for the kill and just hit them with what is now Digital Dissolve. Dan White Killed the people on the DVD, well you can see the guy running away in the preview. It’s not that I don’t like multiple steps but when you can hurt and audience right from the start and come strong, that to me is Magic! Also coin tricks can get complicated follow this, then look here, check this out, etc... here they know whats coming but can't explain how.


Jeremy Hanrahan

Craftsman, <a href="
Sep 1, 2007
Simcoe Ontario Canada
Putting in my order Tuesday. I was going to pass on this effect until I watched the demo. I to am a card guy(which means I never really took the time to master coin work hahaha) I love the quickness of the effect, really hits them between the eyes.

Sep 1, 2007
Orlando, FL
The coins in this trick are really just different colored objects more so than actual coins.

I'm with BJ's thinking on this one: it's much better as a stand alone trick than a multiple-phased routine. Multiple phases work well for some tricks; I don't think this is one of them.
Sep 1, 2007
:D I am also mostly a card guy, I am not very good with coins at all, but I would love to pull this trick out to break up my card routine (and maybe change decks on ppl, wink wink). I looks very simple which is how magic should be. :cool:
This is a GREAT item. BJ shared this with me in confidence quite some time ago and it kills. It is very practical, very strong, etc. With Jamie's superb craftsmanship and the strength of this routine I can't believe they are charging as little as they are - a true bargain.

Tim Trono
Sep 1, 2007
I know I might be asking for too much information but this would really help me make my decision on buying this:

1) is the placement of the coin into the spectators hand done cleanly or is there some sleights involved? Just wondering, wouldnt discourage me from buying the effect.

2) are you instantly FULLY clean after the trick is done?

Thanks guys.
Sep 4, 2007
pure magic

I have been lucky to be around a great deal of 'underground' magic. I saw this a year or so ago. Not only was I fooled... it looked like REAL MAGIC. After learning the method I was amazed at its simpicity. Really brilliant.
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