Digital Dissolve by theory11 - My Review (Long)

Sep 1, 2007
Digital Dissolve by Theory11 - my review
DVD & Coins - $35 + $5 standard shipping

After all the hype, Theory11 finally turns out to be a store. Bleh. But they're selling an interesting coin trick that contains yet more hype. You can transform a copper into a silver, and show both sides of both coins? Before AND after the effect? Then hand out for examination once the effect has concluded? With very little sleight of hand?

I need to see this for myself, especially when Jamie Schoolcraft's name is involved. If you're not familiar with Jamie, his site is here:

And he of course is well known for some of the best hand-crafted coin gimmicks ever created. Expensive yes, but you get what you pay for. Any serious coin worker is probably already familiar with his work.

------------ What you get ------------

Static bag sealed aluminum tin containing your gimmick
27 minute DVD

------------ The Gimmick ------------

First off, I cannot believe you're getting this gimmick for $35. It sells on Schoolcraft's site for $60 so scoring this gimmick, the matching coin, a little tin for storing it, the DVD and very polished routine for $35 is a literal steal. In fact, I'm ordering two more in case mine becomes damaged or lost.

After opening it up, I immediately broke out another coin effect I own that uses the same gimmick to compare the quality. This other effect includes two gimmicks and cost me $300 so I was just stunned (again) at the price of what Digital Dissolve included. That said, the DD version was not "perfect" and refined as much as the other effect, which is to be expected considering the price difference. The edges weren't as sharp, it didn't feel as good, seemed like it would bend fairly easily, etc. Mine also arrived a little dirty and required some toothpaste to clean up.

If you managed to damage yours, it would take quite a while to repair (if that's even possible). Meaning you stick it in your pocket, run it through the laundry or sit on it, the gimmick itself is probably done for. Thus you'll need to handle with care, and maybe even use the little tin that's included.

A bonus feature of this gimmick: it's shimmed so a magnet can pick it up. If you own a Bat, Raven, or Black Widow, be happy to know that ditching has become a whole lot easier. Even sticking a small magnet in your back pocket would be sufficient to carry away your only incriminating evidence.

------------ The DVD ------------

The DVD is short and to the point. Maintaining the "Ellusionist type" flashy cuts, guitar and piano music, slow motion snippets and multiple camera shots, Digital Dissolve's production quality is fantastic. The DVD cover looks as slick and refined as most of the latest movies released, with nice artwork, gradients and pictures. My girlfriend instantly wanted to know "what's that?" when she noticed it sitting on the table.

Main footage (12 mins)

Opening Titles

Theory11 flashy opening, what you see in the little video on their site upon previewing this effect.

The Effect

Dan White hyping up the trick. Created by B.J. Bueno, and used by Dan for over a year.


Dan performs in Vegas, at what looks to be the escalator near Treasure Island casino/hotel (you can see Circus Circus in the background). With cards in hand, he approaches a group of 5 African American men and three women, and asks if they want to see magic. Then he performs a quick transpo, and finally Digital Dissolve.

The reactions are absolutely insane. One man runs off and heads up the escalator, other men run away and the women scream and laugh loudly. They try to coax the escalator guy to come back, but he just waves everybody off and keeps going. All spectators that have gathered around smile and laugh, leaving the entire area charged up. Dan does an oustanding job, bravo.


Dan explains everything very well, and only one routine is offered.

Core Move

The single move required to make this effect work. It will require maybe a couple hours to get it fairly smooth, and a few days to actually get it comfortable 100% of the time. Many will say they can do it in five minutes, but even a slight mishap would instantly reveal the secret and obviously spoil your trick.

Basic Routine

Combining your "core move" along with balancing the coin, placing it into the spectator's hand, etc.

One Handed Toss

A variation of placing the coin into the spec's hand, where you simply drop it and then give it to them.

Final Thoughts

Dan states how fond he is of the effect.

Extra footage (5 mins)

Choosing the right name (White, Houchin and Bayme do rock/paper/scissors)

An entertaining aside where the three bicker back and forth about naming Digital Dissolve.

B. J. Bueno teaching the effect (8 mins)

Created by Lee Asher, and although labeled as "outdated" it's fun to watch the creator explain the effect in his own words and mannerisms. Not sure how you're supposed to get to this section, since it's not on the menu. When Bueno said "specially made by Todd Lassen", I laughed out loud. Did they ditch Todd for Jamie or what happened, there?

B.J. also shows a snap move where the copper changes into a silver on the back of your spectator's hand as you snap your fingers over it. Hotsauce.

------------ Clothing Requirements ------------

Can be done in with no sleeves wearing shorts. A magnet somewhere on your body would be helpful for the final ditch, although not necessary considering all attention will be focused on the coins you hand out for examination.

------------ Angles ------------

I'm unsure what to say about the angles, since the only bad angle I can think of contains a spectator who was still amazed during Dan's performance. Anyone directly behind you, or kids might be an issue, however that's easily solved by re-positioning yourself or holding the gimmick closer to your body. Should be safe surrounded, or at least near surrounded.

------------ Questions You Will Ask ------------

Can both coins be shown front and back before the performance?

- Yes! In fact with a little work you can also hand them both out for examination before you begin

Can both coins be shown front and back DURING performance?

- Yes, that's part of the routine. You beautifully display the coin you're holding by balancing it on one finger.

Can spectators examine both coins afterward?

- Yep, it's built into the effect as well.

How hard is the ditch?

- Easy and well timed. You're ditching while everyone is focused on examining your coins.

Can both hands be shown empty?

- Throughout the routine, yes. Before the ditch, no. But nobody will be looking at your hand.

------------ My conclusion ------------

A copper/silver transposition that takes place in your spectator's hand. Bueno's entire routine is polished, quick, easy and fits into your already cramped pocket. Perfect for street magic, or whatever you're into, even though you're not heavily skilled with coin sleights. Add to that a quality gimmick and very well produced DVD, and you have an oustanding $35 that your spectators won't soon forget.

I rate Digital Dissolve a 10/10

The official spam:

Dissolve all doubts. Challenge reality.

A half dollar is placed into a spectator's closed hand. You rest a copper English penny on the back of that same hand, and the copper coin visually changes into the half dollar. The coin is immediately shown on both sides. The spectator opens their hand to find the English penny. Both coins can be fully examined, immediately.

With precision made coins, hand-crafted by Jamie Schoolcraft, Digital Dissolve takes coin magic to the next level. A transposition worthy of the reactions it receives.

Previously known to only a select few, it's now released here for the first time.

Digital Dissolve was created by BJ Bueno (performer and creator of 13 years and theory11 Marketing Exec) in hopes of achieving the most visual and clean transposition imaginable with two coins.

Dan White (Consultant to David Blaine), who has personally been performing Digital Dissolve for years, gives detailed instructions on every nuance of the effect, complete with real world street performances to total strangers on the streets of Las Vegas. The reactions, like the quality of teaching, are unparalleled. Screams. Gasps. Sometimes just pure silence. Pure astonishment.

Available in a high resolution DVD format with top notch production by the theory11 team, you will learn the ins and outs of the effect. The psychology, the misdirection, the moves.

Sep 1, 2007
Great review

Thanks for that, I already have this coming and it's good to see a positive view on the effect.
Sep 1, 2007
I havn't explored the DVD yet, just watched the reveal part haha. Anyways, It's a 10/10 for me. So simple yet SO powerful. And I could perform it after only 10 minutes of practice. 10/10.

This is a MUST BUY.



ceo / theory11
Staff member
Jul 23, 2007
New York City
You guys already found the easter egg? Dang-- I'm pretty sure that means that we spent more time hiding it than you guys spent finding it. I'm impressed.

The first time I saw BJ perform this effect, I was blown away. It's SO smooth-- it looks like real magic. And the fact that you show both coins front and back before, during, and after the effect had me at hello (did I honestly just quote Jerry McGuire? I apologize).

It's one of the most fluid, smooth, and stunning coin effects I've ever seen. Jamie Schoolcraft, as always, did an incredible job with the coins-- be sure to take good care of them, and keep them in the metal case whenever possible to prevent any issues. A ton of craftsmanship and work goes into each coin-- Jamie does them all by hand. And it shows.

Enjoy the effect-- it's something I've performed a zillion times since I learned it. Practice it well; make it smooth, and you'll have a winner on your hands. The reactions we got shooting this on the streets of Las Vegas with Dan White were some of the best I've ever witnessed. Enjoy the effect, and use it wisely.
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