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  1. Hi all,
    don't want to expose so let's just say this:
    when I pull back, the cards in my right hand scrunch up.
    Anyone else had this problem?
    What helped you?
  2. dmb?
    im guessing from context you mean the move that is used in the subway?
    if so then i too have this problem
    i dont understand the way its taught on the trillogy
    they tell you to clip the right fan with ring and pinky
    but then the chosen card wont be flush because your ring finger is in the way
    but if you dont clip then they scrunch up
    im not sure what to do
    i gave up practicing this one and im practicing the similar one that tudor teaches in the heckler
    its harder but it looks _much_ cleaner
  3. I have the exact same problem as you Aos. I just gave up on it and run with the one taught in Heckler. So much cleaner and easier.
  4. For me, the DMB spread control took alot of practice. Once you outjog the card and let the spectator look at it, you have to apply pressure with your ring, pinky and thumb of your right hand. I can give you some more pointers via PM so I don't expose.
  5. Thanks, that would be kind.
  6. yeah, ive recently been addressing this same problem. I've found that by holding the cards higher in the fingers it makes the move easier, and again using the left hand as a guide and assist bringing the cards back down also assists, you just have to work at it to make it look smooth and natural, hope none of that was exposure, and hope it helped

  7. Well thats why they tell you to put your pinky there it helps keep the cards square and it doesnt matter if the card you pulled down is not square they are focused on the card sticking out so they dont see it. Moderator feel free to delete this is I exposed anything.
  8. This move took me soooo long to get it right...

    It is mainly practice. However, something that helped me was holding the spread in the right hand harder than you would a normal spread.

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