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  1. Well as some of you may know I posted an interesting thread the other day where I had the readers of the thread pick the effect, item, and patter of my performance. I thought it was fun so I'd take that idea out for a spin once more. I have a cheap deck of plastic coated Cardinal playing cards I got from a Thrift Shop. It's up to you to determine what happens to it. Do I submerge it in water? Glue each card together? Duct tape them? Type your responses below. When 24 hours are up I'll number each response (So first response will be #1, second will be #2 so on and so forth). I will then grab a random number generator and whatever number i get i'll match it to the response and do as told. I will then attempt to perform a card trick with this newly modified deck. How will this go? IDK, but it'll definitely go badly.

    P.S I cannot burn them
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  2. tear up the cards into little pieces. Put them in a blender with water. Process the cards and water to make a pulp. Spread it finely onto a piece of screen to dry. You've made your own paper! You may need to add a binder, maybe a little ModPodge..available at Michaels.
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  3. Use for toilet paper?
  4. ...I think I’m going to tell the random number generator to skip #1

    in all seriousness I’m so immature because I can’t stop laughing at the fact that when I number these CWhite’s will be number two
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  5. Glue half of the deck together and then glue the other half together. Cut a rectangle in the middle of all the cards but the top of one half, and the bottom of the other. Connect the two boxes by hinges, tape, etc. now do what you please with your very own box.
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  6. Sad.
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  7. Learn Card Tearing.
  8. Bake in Oven. "200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celsius) for about 2 hours. Paper burns at 451 F (233 Celsius). Do not cook above 300ºF, that will set your oven on fire."
  9. Stick 6 Playing Cards in Batter

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  10. Submerge the deck overnight in orange juice. (You cannot rinse them afterwards)
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  11. Hide the cards in random places creative around your house. You aren't allowed to remove them from their places. Ever. That way, someday, if you ever move out of the house, the new owners will be so confused as to why they keep finding playing cards all around the house, in the strangest of places. Eventually they will have collected all 52 of the cards and have a full deck. That way, you will have gifted the joy of a deck of cards to someone else.
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    TIME IS UP!!! time to draw!

    ...huh... so... interesting any tips Christopher?
  13. Kirigami art of paper tearing
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  14. Just to make sure you were referring to splitting the deck in half David blain style, right?
  15. Did Blaine tear the deck? I don't remember that.

    I'm referring to the strong man stunt. Take the deck in your non-dominant hand so about half protrudes out past your thumb. Squeeze the deck so it bends in towards your palm (It should make a C shape, facing away from you). With your other hand press the exposed part of the deck away from you, bending the deck in half. Focusing on bending the outer corner upwards, get a grip and rotate back towards yourself.

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  16. Yes, David Blaine tore the deck, after he was hitting on a woman he was performing for. I think it's on his Magic Man special.

    That is the same thing,
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  17. I was thinking when he was on Ellen

    (Skip to 4:30)​

    So it is what I was thinking...
  18. Yeah, same method. Part of it is knowing how to bend it properly, part of it is genuine strength.

  19. Skip to 17:10
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