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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 010rusty, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Bake them inside of cookies and pull a reveal trick to someone
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  2. The period of gving ideas is already over.
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  3. BTW how is the second trick done in the Ellen video
  4. Sorry but exposure is against forum rules.
    ....and...uhhh I’m totally not just saying that because it fooled me or anything... that’s RIDICULOUS
  5. It is a nice application of some basic principles and might be worth learning how to tear the deck to do it. However, Woody Aragon's Find Your Other Half is a much better routine (using different principles and not requiring you to tear the entire deck at once).
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  6. Where can I find this routine?
  7. Which one? The deck tear, the Blaine effect with the half decks or the Aragon routine?
  8. The Woddy Aragon’s routine
  9. It's from Woody's "A Book in English" - first effect. It is a great effect.
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  10. I'm throughly disappointed no cards were used as toilet paper in this thread...
    It is getting thin here... I may have to do this on my own..
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  11. Fun fact: if i would've drawn your number my plan was to take the cardboard roll out of a roll of toilet paper and wrapped the cards around it so they got a very large bow and would've tried to do a card trick with them.
  12. Huh... this more difficult than I thought.
  13. We're cheering for you, Rusty!
  14. Indeed. :)

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