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Do you know this card trick?

Mar 20, 2022
I'm sure that most people on the forum are familiar with the David Blaine's card catch from the spring. Is this trick published somewhere? Maybe it is version of some trick?

Link (0:00-1:02) :


Aug 20, 2010
I do not know this card trick.

If you dont already know, what you see David Blaine do on any of his videos is often not the same thing as what the actual spectator(s) saw.

This trick could be published somewhere.

Yes, it is a version of some trick.

A similar trick to what David Blaine performed is card catch by abhay sharma.

Kevin James said:
There is nothing real about reality television.

Josh Burch

Elite Member
Aug 11, 2011
I have a guess, it's bold it would definitely work, and it's not something I would be comfortable with doing outside of a stage show perhaps. I don't know what he did before the camera but I'm not sure if it matters. No, I don't think this is published anywhere. I disagree with ID4, David has lots of people working for him and creating magic. He has performed a bunch of magic created by the likes of Danny Garcia, Dan White, Calen Morelli, Blake Vogt and on and on. A performer can require them to sign exclusive contracts so they can't publish the tricks elsewhere.
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