Do you need to perform magic or know magic tricks to be a magician?

Sep 13, 2014
I'm with Maverick with the label thing. Once people start using labels it leads to stereotypes. In my life I've been a combat medic, teacher, entrepreneur, grave digger, semi pro athlete, author, real estate agent...etc and none of those defined me as a person.

I never introduce myself as a magician and would be a little sad if I was just known as a magician. I'd much rather be known as a great guy who is fun to be around. I guess what I'm saying is after meeting new people I'd much rather have them say en route home "Johnny LaRue was fun and interesting tonight and I hope we meet up again soon" versus "That magican did cool tricks"
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Oct 23, 2016
"I am...the son of Earl Portia, the world's greatest sorcerer and spell caster! Fifth consort of the sixteenth queen of the underworld and jester of the last court. I am...Argus Portia!"

To be honest, I only perform for my friends and colleagues. I also use it to break ice when conversing with my clients whom I meet for the first time or strangers. I'm an insurance agent so talking is part of my job, and sometimes to get them talking, I use magic as an ice breaker because not everyone is receptive talking about insurance or death or anything associated within this topic.

I probably don't identify myself as a magician but if anything then I'd rather be "Jun, the guy who knows a card trick or two" but everyone who knows me would associate me as a musician than a magician.

I think as long as you love what you do then it really doesn't matter anymore because it is just a title. Probably just an accolade to associate yourself with in the event you need to bring it up. But really, as long as you love what you do, I don't think it really matters what you are called. Plus I have met many people who "are not professional magicians", they identify themselves as "hobbyist". Often when I ask what do they mean when they define themselves as a "hobbyist", they just say, "Oh, I love to perform magic but I'm just not doing it professionally. So I'm a hobbyist." Ironically, some of the hobbyist I met can perform better than "professional magicians". So again, it really doesn't matter.

You can be whatever you want to be. I mean, look at some of the presidents in the world!

Gabriel Z.

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Apr 26, 2013
We might as well called this thread splitting hairs.... Essentially that is what is being done. I feel that being called a magician, means that you have a recognized ability to do magic. How low does one set the bar to becoming a magician? If one holds a deck of cards and puts on a top hat are they automatically a magician? There are people that pass on knowledge throughout generations just to fill one slot in the magic community. I guess what I'm getting at is that the knowledge is out there for one to become a magician , and if you want to learn and take that knowledge fine. There really isn't much to it, you have to dedicate every waking hour to pursue what you really want to do....It probably is a little more difficult to distinguish the difference between what a magician is or isn't . I say this because in Our Magic by R.Paul Wilson one of the "magicians" says something to the effect of listing professions and saying go to school for it.... However when someone asked him how to become a magician he can't answer appropriately, probably because there isn't an answer. This could be due to lack of School in this field , or maybe the esoteric nature of what magicians do. A lot of different factors involved , so I'll finish by saying that as long as you are not hurting anyone by calling yourself a magician , take out that dusty top hat out of the closet, get your rabbit , cards, and coins or whatever these magicians do and go for it!!
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