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  2. I am not an expert on Diagonal Palm Shift, but I can tell you that you perform smoothly and better than me.
  3. That was pretty good. Tell Derek he did well. :p
  4. Thanks guys. I've been working on it :) and Derek is very proud
  5. That was really good. Don't have to criticize anything at all. ;)
  6. I will say it was good, especially for a weeks worth of practice. The problem I have? You speed up your left hand when executing the steal. Everything is smooth and at what looks like a natural tempo for you, and then your hand swipes quickly backwards...just a thought.

    The mechanics look good, just work on the speed.
  7. I would check out tony chang's work on the DPS at doublefacers.com A lot of his thoughts and tips will change your dps into something more natural and convincing. Although there wasn't a blatant flash, the quickness or almost jerkyness of your hands can change to make it even more deceptive.

    also, I wouldn't throw up a video to a public forum like youtube a week after learning a move. Even if it does look good. Go to vimeo and password it. Then if you must make a thread do it that way. Otherwise just PM a few people with the password.

    Finally, In working on this move for quite sometime, realize that everyone has different thoughts and touches on this move. Simon Lovell practically scoffed at how I did it. David Roth spoke about seeing the Professor double choke on the side of the deck. Dan White told me about how you can hold a pen in your right fingers and then grab it and put it away with you left, thus making the "dirty hand" more deceptive. I would just suggest doing aloot more research on a move before posting it in a public arena.
  8. Hey thanks everyone. Ill look in to tony chang's thoughts on it :D
  9. I would also consider looking into Jason England's 1 on 1 here. If you want to pay less you can get John Carney's on-demand off of DanandDave.com. I've heard Jason's was better though.

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