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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by William Draven, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. I don't see the issue really... It's one of those things that I've seen just about everything that goes into this effect (the type of device it is.) even the chemicals... never in a million years will I have any clue how the two and two work. We already know it's a mixture of organic chemicals anyway... the description says so... I think it's good to know that it leaves a taste and smell... that's something I wish I would've known about Frozen.
  2. All I did was mention it because of potential exposure. It was pretty easy to put two and two together. However, it can be very helpful to know the gimmick before purchasing. On the flip side, if a layperson/exposer is surfing to find the answer, they will find it here. (of course not exactly what it is, but a good idea).
  3. Guys
    Exposure comments were to a previously edited post by CRProductions, not the review. We did not quote for obvious reasons.

    EDIT: There is no software needed, that guy is incorrect. Granted he doesn't have the product so I'm not bashing him, just letting you guys know it is perfecly fine to use a wall->usb adapter to charge.
  4. Well thanks for singling me out man.....haha. I'm not saying this is right by any means, but even if a few forum members knew how the effect was done, they still couldn't do it because they would have to have the gimmick. Just a point.
  5. Guys, if the preview would have shown Dan loading the smoke, you would immediately know what the gimmick is. That's why they don't show it.
  6. Well here's my compromise to the community and to Alan & Dan. I've flagged this review to the attention of Jon Raiker (and he in turn to J.Bayme). I'm going to wait to hear what Bayme's input is before I put that review back up. Raiker said Bayme will be in contact with me as late as tomorrow.

    I am not here to step on any toes, nor is my reviews meant to expose or explain. They are intended to provide the buyer with the information I feel is important to make an educated purchasing decision.

    As of right now, I will respectfully hold until I have word back from either Alan Rorrison or J.Bayme on a proper and acceptable resolve to the communities expressed concerns.

    Thanks, and continue the excellent magic
    William Draven
  7. Hey guys! I performed Portal today for several adults and kids (about 5 performances) at my nephews birthday party, and I got some awesome jaw-dropping reactions! They never suspected the gimmick for a second! This effect is genius. It really gave me a great sense of pride, made me feel like a better magician.
  8. I'm very pleased to say that the concern with exposure has been addressed and resolved with the proper parties involved. The review is once again posted for everyone to enjoy.

  9. My version for portal (that solves the dot problem) is to draw the dot on the palm of the spectator, and that way you make the spectator feel part of the trick.
  10. Hmmm, how do you have the smoke travel through their hand into your mouth?
  11. You say you are able to take part of the water in their bodies and transform it into steam thru the portal.
  12. [​IMG]

    Nom nom nom nom nom.

    Then more nom nom nom nom nom
  13. Haha! Nice! Better than the dot!
  14. Haha, yeah. Do the portal thing with a match or lighter, then put the hand to your mouth and act like you're blowing a kiss. :p
  15. I honestly don't think this deserved any heat at all for exposure because it is a utility device. What the device can and can not accomplish are important things to consider before buying it. With utility devices I feel like the description should say flat out what it is and what it does. I won't come out and say it out of respect to the forum rules and the creator of course. Just stating my opinion on the matter.

    The most important part of William's interview for me would have to be: "Dan mentions that the two important things to keep in mind when designing your own routines is having a reason for using a marker, and having a reason to put it into your mouth. So long as you can justify those two points the sky is the limit! "

    Thats all I needed to know and that may be exposure technically BUT its what ultimately sold me on the device. I needed to have an idea for how I can work it into effects I already perform and what new effects I could come up with utilizing this device. This might sound silly but I thought it may be some kind of device you would keep in your mouth and would need to be reset per effect. When I realized that it wasn't like that at all was when I wanted it. Bad. Now that I got it and have played with it I'm very much satisfied.
  16. Yeah, I agree. Some issues I have (and I just got the effect) are how cheaply made the gimmick is and how long it will last. That could only be discussed in a protected forum.
  17. I like it as well but there are so many questions about it that I feel maybe they didn't do such a great job on production of it. Like the cheap plastic fittings if that makes sense. I've stripped many a screw, and most times it was, on accident.
  18. The part you're asking me to delete is mostly a direct quote of William's review. Plus, I honestly feel like those factors need to be carefully considered before making the purchase. For the magician buying this with a specific idea in mind they need to realize that the effect has to be structured a specific way and that their idea will not work out if they can't meet that criteria.

    That said, I feel the product is very good and is brimming with potential. Portal is a nice effect as is and I could see people getting plenty of mileage just from that. I think personally, I'm more likely to get my 50 bucks worth through incorporating this device into effects I already perform. Designing effects around it and incorporating into routines you already perform will just require some critical thinking but thats nothing new for magicians (or it shouldn't be anyway).

    Also, the production quality of the gimmick didn't really strike me as poor or anything like that. I've never seen one of these before so I don't what would make for a good one of these...things. It feels solid to me though and I don't foresee having any problems with it.

    I'd recommend this mostly to people who either:

    A: Love the effect of portal. (And it can be damn good. Consider that you would then have the perfect opener anytime you see someone who happens to be smoking.)

    B: You are a performing creator and have good critical thinking skills to use for designing effects around this gimmick and/or incorporating it into already established routines.
  19. Sorry to -bump- this thread.

    From all the various reviews and such I've read on the net, it's easy to tell that it's something in your mouth. Can you eat with the device in your mouth? Is it small enough to tuck away while under fire?
  20. You only have the "device" in your mouth for a few seconds at the max a minute. so you could eat afterward. I guess you could also eat with it lol.

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