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  1. ^ omg, is this another spammer
  2. its a review of dress code in french LOL.
  3. I wasn't talking about him.. I guess the guy I was talking about deleted his post. :\
  4. What is this??
  5. Asher, do you mean the shirt being changed or the new shirt they will see? Because I remember him saying on the DVD that you want a shirt a bit bigger than the gimmicked one to change into.

  6. It's something about insurance. needles to say SPAM.
  7. I know he says that, but I guess it comes with experimenting. I found certain aspects of the effect are easier when changing into a smaller shirt.
  8. Awsome DVD an simple to make. The more simple things are the less problems you have!!!!
  9. This effect has had the biggest impact yet in my gospel ministry act, really should make a video show you my performance I do. But needless to Say this is not only amazing its right up there where it will become a timeless classic I do not see this as one of those flash in the pan amazing for the moment tricks, I foresee this having lasting power well beyond the life of its creator. Why because like any really great effect due to its no nonsense straight forward construction and performance and the fact so easy to open your mind up to literally 100's if not 1000's of other ideas to do with it. Very very good show young man very good.
  10. I have no idea why I have not purchased this yet. I saw Calen do this in person and it just looks awesome.
  11. How do you use this for your act?
  12. got a black shirt on that in big bold print across that says sinner, then it changes to a white shirt with big bold letters in red saying saved thats one of the effects I do with it. working on a new one based on idea shown on the DVD
  13. I give up is there easter egg hidden on this DVD showing how to do this with dress shirt and tie? If not I hope one of you attending IMX can enlighten me.
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    Its not included on the dvd. Calen posted the "formal" version performance online shortly after the dvd released. He had a video online saying you can contact him for any help with the formal version, ill try and find that link to send to you

    Even better, just give me some time and later today I'll PM you with some info to help make the formal gimmick.
  15. Yea that seems cool but if it the download offered for those who own the DVD all I can say is I'm really disappointed, nothing more than doing dress code with a dress shirt was holding it be like the teaser trailer that was out shirt is tucked in and stays tucked in at end like in video unless that was a gaff trailer. Oh well still a great effect.
  16. So does anyone know are scissors necessary in this trick? What I mean is, in other "revealed" videos, it is shown that the shirt is cut, and then you just pull it off. I don't believe that it is this easy, but I'm thinking that it could really include scissors to this trick. I've read all 4 pages of this thread and no one has answered to this question.
  17. If you want to know how it's done, buy it instead of looking for 'revealed' videos :)

    And yes, you won't find exposure on this forum so stop looking.
  18. Yes, I do agree with that, but I'm not a billionaire, so that looks pretty cheap for me to sell that kind of stuff. I don't say that IT IS a secret of this gimmick, not at all. But I guess I will have to buy this one :) btw, thanks for the answer.

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