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  1. Just finished genesis v1.i also tried motion. But its kinda hard to learn from it. Idk whym are there other dvd just for starting out?
  2. Hi ,

    Well if you're just starting, take it from me, learn the basics cause once you reach certain flourishes they require a bunch of basics to go about it so I suggest you learn those first. If you know them and want moves learn stuff like Sybil cut , Werm , Elevator cut and so on ....... start there and then go to the advanced ones .
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  3. Thanks. Im gonna try the werm. But where i can find elevator cut. I can do 5 faces of sybil. But not that fast tho.

    Hey. I really want to progress in cardistry like magic. But is it normal to really take a long long time just to make my flourish or cuts smooth and fast?
  4. Oh the elevator cut is right here at Theory 11 , As for speed ....... start super slow and then speed up each time.

    Well you cant progress like in magic , cardistry takes time and dedication first you'll wanna stop, but keep trying and then you'll see yourself becoming faster and smoother ..

    Good Luck !
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  5. The System by Dan and Dave.
  6. I would recommend researching their are plenty of videos on youtube that can help. I learned flourishing on youtube.

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