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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by alex2011, Oct 4, 2011.

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  1. Anyone care to recommend easy powerful magician fooler effects? I'm lazy. :)
  2. To fool a magician you need to start thinking like how one would rip apart an effect.

    For example: How does a magician vanish a silk? 90% of the time they use a Thumb Tip or Palmo Gimmick
    So...that being said, you need to find an alternative method and when you demonstrate the effect...be sure to show your thumbs freely so that it is OBVIOUS that you did not use a TT.

    Sorry, but I am not going to just list a bunch of magician foolers.
  3. Back up there a bit!

    Some comments:

    -What sort of magic do you do? I'm a mentalist. I saw the list of magic products you PM'd me and quite frankly I'm not convinced that's not a file list from the latest torrent, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Point being, there's no point recommending stuff that isn't suited to you.

    -What's the occasion? Are you performing at a magic club? Do you hang around magicians? Why this magician fooling business?

    -Sorry, but powerful effects don't come to the lazy. There's much more to powerful than just a method!

    -Define easy... Sleights are easy, presentation is difficult, but therein lies the magic.

    -Magicians are generally just laymen with rabbits on their business cards...
  4. haha this quote made my day. :)

    Anyways, don't be lazy. Magicians know magician foolers. That's why you're asking us. And if you're performing for guys older than you, chances are that they already know the trick if it's very "public access". (You know, in a well known book or something).

    The best way to fool magicians is to come up with your own trick, something no other magician has seen or learned before, and make it in such a way that it completely stomps on any ideas magicians would have on how to do a trick. Maybe use a gimmick, maybe use a sleight ot principle you learned back when you first started and forgot about, or (this one's my favorite) ask a layperson how they would accomplish a certain effect.

    Sometimes we magicians get so into our little bubble of what we think is "acceptable" as a method/trick that we lose the imagination of a layperson. They might come up with some out of the box thing that no magician will have ever thought of that's so crazy that it just might work.
  5. I've heard this a few times,and I really like it. Laymen would come up with something we might not have thought of. A third party's perspective can really be enlightening.

  6. You guys are so predictable. Why so serious? (Joker)

  7. Then why not use your impressive powers of prediction to fool magicians.
  8. Why not use your brain and search the word sarcasm.

  9. Nah there wasn't sarcasm in your comment lad, i think you're just back peddling now because you know the the members here wont put up with being disrespected. And so they shouldn't. Grow up.
  10. Read the title. Read the first post. Then research about the word stupidity.
  11. This is petty. You're just being childish when you think you're uber intelligent. Im a member who tries to contribute positively as much as possible. You just have bad manners. Im out.
  12. You've just missed the essence I'm trying to convey. It's okay buddy. Peace!
  13. Con Cam Coincidencia mabye
  14. Why reveal the title of such a miracle card trick? Don't you guys get the meaning of this thread? Please remove or change your post.
  15. This whole thread is becoming an excellent representation of how underdeveloped your prefrontal cortex is.
  16. Alright, "Towtox", just stop the madness now. You said to recommend some magician foolers. Instead of indulging your laziness and listing a bunch of tricks, we gave you advice that could help you, and now you're acting like you never wanted help? Grow up man.
  17. No offence, this thread is pretty hilarious.

    If you're so lazy, what makes you think we are not equally lazy to do all the work for you man.

    And I see cardistry in your 'list of magician's foolers'. Something makes me think that you do not know half of the effects listed there.

    On a lighter note, Aaron, I'm the glee guy from JustJoshinMagic's vokle chat earlier last week :D
  18. This thread went absolutely nowhere and is causing some issues so consider it closed.
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