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Dominik Arih

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Dec 19, 2013
As a new elite member I am interested in what do I actually get when I become elite member exept elite membership card. Thanks.
May 6, 2013
Dominik, you currently are an elite member as you said. You have a certain amount of elite points. You can see your elite points on elite page. You can use these points to buy stuff as 100 points = 0.50 $ I remember. (If I am wrong, can Lyle or someone correct me here?). The procedure to convert your points into spendable voucher is: You add stuff to cart, at checkout, you have an option below that allows getting a coupon for exchange of elite points. Decide what amount you want to redeem, then click generate coupon and you get a code. Say you used 400 points to generate a 2$ coupon. Now when you put the code in order (there is an area for this) it will decrease the price of whatever you are buying by 2$. If you are buying a download from the wire worth 2$, your download with become free.

This doesn't affect your lifetime member points. Those are total number of poits you have ever earned. If you say earn 700 points and spent 200, you will still have 500 to spend and 700 as your lifetime points. Once you have earned 10,000 lifetime points you will become a permanent elite member with a steel card, constant discounts and offers etc.

You can EARN these points the way elite page shows.
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Jul 22, 2013
this is what T11 has said as the 10,000 Elite Points Prize: "Achieve instant Elite Member status with 10,000 Elite Member Points. We will choose TEN winners at random, distributing 100,000 Elite Member Points. Unlock rare, exclusive products in The Archive, and get crazy discounts on ANY purchase at t11. You will receive a stainless steel membership card with your name on it, shipped free."


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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
As a new elite member I am interested in what do I actually get when I become elite member exept elite membership card. Thanks.

Hey Dominik, elite points can be converted into discounts towards ANY purchase on theory11 - on anything from playing cards to videos and more. To do that, make sure you're logged in, add whatever you want to your shopping cart, and then on the "shopping cart" page, you can use the special widget tool there to exchange your elite points for a special coupon code.

In addition, you can use your elite points towards any item in The Archive for rare and exclusive items.

Have fun, enjoy, and most of all, thanks for the support!
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