Ellusionist Holiday Giveaway

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mehar, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Those are some sweet prizes, anything similar planned for theory11?
  2. :O... I want.
  3. The only thing I hate about E's holiday giveaways is that you have to spend a certain amout of money to get something, or you have to at least buy something to get your name eligible to be drawn. It's not really a giveaway. (Don't mistake this for a "bash E" post. I really like E I just don't like this little detail.) :)
  4. nope, you don't have to buy anything this year! Scroll to the bottom and it tells you how to enter without buying anything
  5. Wow, I don't like E, but those are some pretty crazy prizes...
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    i suppose when you lack substance you can always "buy" customers

    the thing i always liked about theory11's contests where they were more of a bonus lottery. it was interesting and they played it up with interaction from the high ups. this seems more like a bribe, i mean what does an ipad have to do with magic? now a year's supply of cards, thats what a magician should want.
  7. Great prizes! My favorite line, though, was "I want to see your address." LOL
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    Don't make this a "bad E." Thread. We all know what happens to those...
  9. lol yeah ^

    At least the stuff comes with 15 of their top sellers. $1000 for 5 minutes. Better hope you don't have dial-up, eh?

    EDIT: LOL. Who switched the title?!
  10. E is giving away some cool prizes, and it really is a free give away (3 ways to enter for a free drawing). Free stuff--what is there to complain about? Pretty cool holiday contest to me--best I can remember a magic company ever doing.
  11. Yeah I kinda just noticed that. Guess it really is a giveaway. I signed up for it.
  12. I'm sure Theory11 will come up with something great for the Holidays as well. It is still a tad early.
    I actually had an idea awhile back that maybe Theory 11 could give out some of the super sweet T-shirts that none of us could afford as part of a Holiday promotion. Perhaps after you spent $75, you could pick the designer t-shirt you wanted for free.

    Anyone else have ideas to share? I'm sure JB and company would love to hear our thoughts. Please try to be realistic.
  13. You should know better than to ask that. Certain people in this thread have proven that there is nothing you can do that won't give some cynical malcontents a reason to *****.
  14. Are you serious? What's your problem? You seem to have what I call "anti-success" syndrome. If something or someone is too big or achieves high financial success you are dead set on being critical of them, regardless of what they do, even without doing your fact checking.

    E is giving everyone a chance on Twitter and Facebook to enter for free. But because you are so biased against them you automatically come up with a statement which makes you sound small and bitter.

    You are actually critical of a company who is giving away an iPad. Think about how stupid you sound.
  15. baller, please do keep your judgemental attitude toward yourself.

    I personally don't see anything wrong with them doing a holiday give away. Lots of magic and non magic sites do it every so often.
  16. If you can be judgemental without merit, then I can defend with facts.
  17. goddamn do I want that iPad/$1000
  18. It's a very generous and creative giveaway indeed.
  19. i wont get into it because i dont want this to deteriorate into a E debate thread. Needless to say my issues are not with the idea of making money, nor the holiday give away per say but rather E general approach to business and its interaction with its online community. Through my experiences with the site, in comparison with others, i have experienced a great disdain for the well being of the art and the advancement of its members. But those experiences are my own and may not be shared by everyone. Therefore i apologize for my comment, The prizes do appear nice if not a bit over the top and im sure many people will be very happy to win them.

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