Erdnase Hero or Villain?

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  1. You owe me a diet Coke. I spilled mine when I read this.

  2. Jason England just became my hero.
  3. LOL, alright, so I was clawing for resourses. Can't a guy try and win an argument every once in a while =P

    Tell me where to ship it to, and you will get it.
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    The best thing I read about informations on Erdnase was David Britland and Gazzo's "Phantoms of the Card Table". It contains an entire chapter dedicated to the mystery of Erdnase, all details found on him through years are mentioned in it; at least, there are a lot. Moreover I think TeeDee had read it too, beacause many of things he said are said in. And I approve him on all his claims.
    Concerning my personnal opinion on Erdnase, I think he was actually a card cheat. Who has written his book for make advance the art of card manipulation, no matter that was in card magic or card cheating, that's the reader who make this choice.
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    Yes, I have read that, but the best resources on the Erdnase identity issue are Richard Hatch's contributions to Allan Ackerman's DVD set, the Jeff Busby and Bart Whaley book The Man Who Knows Erdnase, and the massive Erdnase thread on the Genii forum here.

  6. You owe me that diet Coke, Mr. England. I spit mine out when you made me laugh.
  7. Has anybody more information on this?
  8. It's dealt with briefly in the Genii thread I linked to earlier. The consensus seems to be that L'Homme Masque probably isn't Erdnase, given that he isn't known to have entered the US, and, the clincher for me, didn't fit Marshall D Smith's description. Plus, for me, I think it's fairly clear that the author wasn't a professional magician.

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