Erdnase Stock Shuffling/ Revelations vs. Annotated

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  1. Hey, i was wondering if anyone can explain it to me or show me how its done. Im able to run up cards by stock shuffling rather well and smoothly, but once i hit Erdnase's system, I'm at a loss. I'd really appreciate the help. Also which would be the better book, Revelations by Dai Vernon, or the Annotated Erdnase by Ortiz? The prices between the books do vary, but thats not a problem, which is the better book? Thanks,,, Cheers.
  2. Why should one book be better than the other? Both have much value to the serious student and both should be read.
  3. My mentor has both of those books, unfortunately I have not read them so I am unable to tell you which is a better purchase. Can you find either in used copies? There are many second hand books shops online that sell books for about a 1/4th of the cost as new.
  4. Annotated is useful if you're interested in the history and development of the techniques as it's main feature is extensive references to other sources for similar techniques to the Erdnase ones. Revelations is better for more in-depth discussion of the techniques themselves. Therefore, I'd say Revelations is the one to go for in your current situation.
  5. I completely agree.. But i rather have one book, read it, then get the other. I ultimately will end up getting both of them. But for me its just which one i will get first so i can study up.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it! They will be soon added to my magic library.!
  7. Do not use Erdnase's Stacking system. Use the ones out of ECT instead. Its easier to do and remember.

    By the way, as far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as a deceptive out-jog. Although it will fool most laymen, don't try it at a card table. You should try to use the ECT system but substitute the outjogs for something else (hint).
  8. Thank you! Great advice i will put it to practice.

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