eXile by Mathieu Bich

Sep 1, 2007
New Zealand
Can you take borrow the coin off someone, do something like a coin roll and place that bad boy in there hand, or does it have to be your own coin.
Apr 26, 2013
Ink Problem

I've practiced the effect a few times but never really used it. I left the pen there with the ink pretty much full waiting for the right moment to use it but after a couple of days( maybe a week) the ink just disappeared. Anything on this subject? And where can I get those marker eraser things?
If you own eXile then whatever comes with the DVD is what you'll receive in the refill package minus the DVD. So, whatever comes in the static bag is what you're getting.

If anyone as any questions regarding eXile feel free to PM me or any other MOD and we'll do our best to help out.


Going to buy exile. I just wanted to know if all refillable parts can be purchased at office store or elsewhere online. I believe you can use liquid ink. I'm not sure if the eraser stuff can be made or purchased elsewhere



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Oct 1, 2008
A lot of people really dislike this trick. However if you put your mind to it and practice the effect it deserves, it's fantastic. I actually changed the routine up a little. I'm very amazed at people when the crack open the package and say crap, not for me.

This goes for a lot of effects.

I do agree if your a working magician, it's a bit of a pain to carry around. But well worth the reactions:)
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