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  1. what shipping did you get?
  2. This sounds like it turned out great. It is a wonderful idea and a fresh feeling illusion. I think I will have to buy it soon. Congrats on a great illusion and thank you to all of the people who are giving reviews. -Matt Sconce
  3. I'm pretty sure the refills are $9.95. Which is a pretty awesome deal since the Pen that is used in this effect alone is about 5 or 6 euros.

  4. Ummm......Exposure rules?
  5. Not to be rude but, I do understand the exposure rules. I am a Mod after all.

    And saying it comes with a pen exposes nothing to the method. I won't divulge further because giving reasoning would expose the method. There is more than just that in the eXile replacement package so, you cannot figure out how to do the effect by what I said above. :).

  6. Rebel is right. I still have absolutely no idea how it works. But thanks for telling me about the refills. It seems like a reasonable price.
  7. Sorry if my comment sounded rude....just thought it was close. But I understand what you mean, and apologize for any bullheadedness on my part.
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    Is there a part of this that is edited out or is the teaser the whole performance?

    It seems like something was missing, but I could be wrong.

    Its still pretty cool.
  9. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't think it's impractical at all, but as with most gimmicks, I would probably only carry it around with me if I knew I was going to be performing it (as was the case, clearly, with David Blaine).
  10. Do you have to buy the DVD if you want refills?
  11. We currently only supply refills for our products to those who have purchased the original DVD / effect. Hope this clears things up.
  12. I mean you're not going to know how to use the refills if you don't own the DVD. Plus they only include one thing in the refills. You would not be able to perform the effect.

  13. Alright thanks.
  14. After playing with eXile a bit, I have to say that I have no issues with the pen at all.

    One of the gimmicks takes some getting used to so you handle it correctly. But I think real world performance will determine the practicality of it. Very creative effect though!
  15. Can someone PM me, I have a question A bout eXile
  16. yeah Im having some problems with eXile aswell can someone help me out?

  17. Do the refills come with a new pen? Is that nessecary?
  18. If you own eXile then whatever comes with the DVD is what you'll receive in the refill package minus the DVD. So, whatever comes in the static bag is what you're getting.

    If anyone as any questions regarding eXile feel free to PM me or any other MOD and we'll do our best to help out.

  19. Can Exile work with any currency?
  20. Yes it can.

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