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  1. Hmm...should i buy it later then if you fixed it, or is it all the same? ALso how did you get there phone numbers?
  2. can any one of you tell me if it work with the new "thing" ?
  3. All eXiles purchased now (starting late last week) include a different "special something" that makes things much more reliable in the final part of the effect. If you purchased eXile before last week, you should have received an email with information on what the quick fix is.
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    I would like to know the name of the gimmick ... you know, it's more you reveal the tricks.


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    eXile- Do it like this

    Do it on the back of ther hand. You will avoid the indentation and depression in the center of the palm as well as the sweat which dilutes the ink. I use a half dollar and place in the center of the back of the hand, just as you would vanish a raven half dollar. I then gently compress the half dollar on the had saying I need to feel the person's pulse radiate through the half dollar. ( This explains the pressing of the coin to the skin to get good markings. It only takes a second. )Then make your X's with your pen in the usual places. Get plenty of the solution on you forefinger, middle finger and thumb. There is enough elasticity in the skin to easily "pluck " off the X's. I find it easier to do than on the palm. Magiclly remove the half dollar, do a shuttle pass to switch out the coin, and your are left with perfect X's, I have found, everytime. I have had GREAT reactions.

    Let me know how this works for you.
    The Monk

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  6. thx with the new "thing" it worked fine!!!! great work t11 and matthew :D
  7. Hmm sweet I might actually consider buying this now, cause I've heard many problems with it in the past.
  8. I have been wanting this effect for a while and I read every post in the thread and in te beginning changed my mind about getting this effect but now I wil get it because the problem is resolved.
    T11 you did it again great work:)
  9. My Review

    Okay folks, I wanted to toss my two cents into this mix. I purhcased Exiled three days ago and have had the weekend to work with it.

    First off let me say that the potential for creating an incredable moment with magic in this effect is worth the price of the DVD. However, there have been some things about it I found lacking. I'll go over everything from start to finish.

    First off the overall effect:
    Without spoiling how it is done I want to say it is creative and original. Props. If done right, this will leave your spectator speachless. Also the effect is more of a multi-tool really. The X moving around is just one application. If you sit down and really think about it, this effect can do so much more.

    The DVD:
    I'm not a huge fan of the DVD. I'd give it a 7 out of 10; 10 of course being the best possible score. The DVD opens with a live presentation for a spectator and then goes into discussing the gaffs and the how-tos. The DVD follows a pretty strait forward plot. It goes into their handeling and an alternative version. As far as explenations are concerned this DVD is great. You really are clear on how to do it. But I think the DVD really could have used a Trouble Shooting section. Maybe a discussion on the types of rubber erassers that could be used, or other possibilities for inking. Other than that I'm quite pleased.

    The DVD doesn't really give you much in the way of patter. This is probably a good thing, since I would prefer to create my own anyways. Then again, this is the kind of trick that really doesn't NEED patter. It's all visual.

    I never like having to pay X amount of money for a new trick only to get it home and realize that I need to go out and spend X more on the necessary supplies and then have to build the trick myself at home. I'm not handy with building stuff, and I suck at trying to interpret a blue print. This effect does have some assembly required. The good news is if I can build it.... anyone can!

    Real World Execution:
    This effect would be killer if I could get the X's to come out consistant on the mark's hand. I've tried a few times with myself and friends, even subjecting my co-workers to "another magic trick" over the course of the weekend and my results haven't been reliable. The X's on my marks hands come off weak, if at all and it doesn't look as crisp and clean as on the DVD or the Blaine special.

    I know I'm not the first person to question the real world reliability of the working of this effect. I'm open to suggestions.

    Over All:
    Over all I think this effect is going to make the owners a lot of money. Every little Blaine Wanna Be is going to rush to the magic store to own this effect just because they saw David Blaine do it on TV. The good news is that the effect is easy enough to learn and perform so they will have some fun amazing their school yard buddies. Better yet, the potential for truely spellbinding moments in magic in this effect yeild greater possibilites to the real students of the art. In the hands of a skilled performer this effect could be next to godly.
    Over all I give it a solid A.
  10. Yeah I agree. I was very excited to get this effect and very disappointed as well as embarassed after performing this a few times on the streets. I tryed everything I could to make the gimmick better and practiced a ton, as of now it is in my junk drawer.

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