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  1. A new video for you enjoyment please do not try this stuff in the video. I did burn myself a few times. It should be posted here in a day or two in media if its excepted.

    The link is:


    The video is named "Idle Handz are the Devil's Tools"


  2. well damn, that was awesome :D not the first time it's been done (old handlorz vid, vincent dark's vid, "no xylene" teaser), but you actually took it further than I've seen so far, with the most combos and longest camera takes.

    what did you put on those cards to make them burn like that?

    and also have you tried using anthrax as fanning powder, that'd be pretty cool too.
  3. Wow, that's pretty impressive :)
  4. Cool! I'm going to try this when I get home!!!! :) :) thx dude!
  5. AWESOME! :D I have no idea how you didn't burn yourself while doing this stuff! (I'm sure you have burnt yourself many times while practicing this stuff.:p) That is amazing... I just don't think Theory 11 will accept it though because I doubt they want the 12 year olds on this forum to try playing with a deck on fire now.:rolleyes: That is awesome and I hope it gets accepted. but don't count on it. That was awesome! :D

  6. Awesome stuff here man. I have no idea how you can take that much heat for that long. Nice job!
  7. Idiot, didn't even have a fire extinguisher. What would you have done if the house burned down young man? HMMMM? HEheheheh, cool vid, I'll ask some more questions later, I'm busy right now....
  8. Wow dude, nice.
  9. I did burn my self...

    I have burned myself many times while performing those stunts. And of course we took all the safety precautions like a fire extinguisher, buckets of water, a fire hose, water balloons a few super soakers and of course a fire retardant blanket.

    Again please do not try this as it dangerous I have been doing this for many years, and have lots of practice.

  10. why don't you like, wear gloves or something. I dont get how there can be flames, on your hands, and it doesnt burn like a mofo. what the heck is is like sterno or something. that can't be how normal cards burn or else USPCC would have to put a warning on their @#*$@#
  11. Clearly put some liquid like lighter fliud on it , that's how it lit up so fast.

    As for the burning part, the hottest part of the flame is the tip, the bottom is managble. as long as you keep your hand's moving you won't burn
  12. Hehe ;p looks sweet, good job.

  13. ah another pyro :D .. i like fire aswell .. but i cut out the cards as the picture will show :p

  14. Fire is extra motivation to do your moves quick :D
  15. Thanks guys

    Glad you all like the video. I will be posting up more Fire with card videos. That footage is accually three years old. First time on the web.
    I have been working on this stuff for over 4 years now and there is a lot of very cool stuff out there when it comes to Fire and cards. You all will see, soon.


  16. hell yes, can't wait. I'll have to quote the penguin in "batman returns" and say

  17. Oh. That's sick dude! (In a good way.. ;) )

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