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Favorite deck of cards

  1. Monarchs

    14 vote(s)
  2. Tycoons

    1 vote(s)
  3. High Victorian

    1 vote(s)
  4. NPH

    2 vote(s)
  5. Jimmy Fallon

    1 vote(s)
  6. Deck One

    1 vote(s)
  7. SNL

    2 vote(s)
  8. National

    3 vote(s)
  9. (product) red

    2 vote(s)
  10. Other

    21 vote(s)
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  1. I am asking for your favorite card deck and I know there are a lot of card decks out there I'm just putting the ones they sell on this site. If you have another favorite deck click other and tell me what it is. Unfortunately i did not have enough room to put all the decks in the poll so just click other and write me your favorite.
  2. Artisan
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  3. Gold Revolvers or Bicycle Elites
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  4. i was going to post these but then it told me no more. I love this deck
  5. One with at least 48 cards.
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  6. I have at least 60 custom decks, including a bunch of wonderful decks I acquired from Theory 11. I went through a period of "obsession," unable to stop myself from buying custom decks. There is no "Decks Anonymous." Finally, I was able to bring my habit somewhat under control. Well, certainly there are worse and more expensive "addictions" and I really enjoy bringing them out and doing magic and flourishes with them, and showing them off.
    I look at the decks and boxes as works of art.

    All of that being said, when I perform professionally, I usually use Bicycle Rider Backs. They handle, spread, fan and spring beautifully, they are durable and the quality is consistently excellent. People generally recognize them and are less likely to think they are "trick" cards. Besides, I want my regular deck and my ID to look the same - even the color of the backs. For really upscale bookings, I use the custom cards because they are classy, make a great impression and are often admired and remarked upon by the guests.
  7. New guy here. Me personally, my favorite deck is actually just a cheap $7 deck I got at a mall some five or six years ago; it 's a reproduction of a "Highlanders" deck by the Lawrence & Cohen company from 1864, made by U.S.G.S. It handles well, and while I don't use it for a whole lot of tricks because it's just so different from a modern deck (it's missing the indices found on modern cards, for example), it is quite the conversation starter when I pull it out between classes at college. For the occasions I do tricks and flourishing, though, gotta go with the good ol' Bicycle Rider Backs. Instantly recognizable, and as mentioned earlier, people don't suspect that they'd be a trick deck (although I do have a Svengali deck laying around among my small deck collection somewhere).
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  8. Monarchs are dope.
    And White Lions are the best!!!
    Because they are made by Mark. D. Stutzman (those who know more abt this deck will understand me more :) )
    And also because they come in mnemonica stack.
    Finally, they don't LOOK too suspicious, but feel extraordinary!
  9. i want custom cards but Im afraid to waste to much money on them
  10. Who doesent love original bicycle decks
  11. Richard Turner Gold Standard Bikes, or Arch Angels.
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  12. Medallions!
  13. From the T11 decks I think I like the white artisans the most... that being said, Monarchs are not far behing. I do think Monarchs have an edge in that they look a bit more like "standard" cards.

    That being said, my favorite decks overall are the Madison dealers and Madison Rounders. The rounders have a simplicity to it that I really like. They feel simple, elegant and classy to me. The dealers have a much busier backs but for some reasons I really like the design of the repeating Madison logo... and the marking system is a nice bonus!

    Makes me think... does T11 have any marked decks?
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  14. Personally I love the studs but you can't really find them any where but online.
  15. The only marked deck I’m aware of (and use a lot) is Nymans The Code
  16. Cherry Casino v3- I wish I knew about these when V1 came out. This was my second brick as they handle great and don’t look suspect at all.

    Standard Bikes- My first Costco brick. Cannibalized into probably just a few fully intact decks. The rest I gimmicked or had signed, etc. They’re the tried and true.

    Contraband- I love everything about the design and think it’s brilliant.

    Monarchs- Fit for a king. I personally like red and these are another brick consideration. When I first got them I almost felt guilty opening them.

    Tycoons- Now that ivory is out I couldn’t resist. Got one in each color and I mean... they’re T11. The quality is superb.

    Absinthe/Fathom (ellusionist)- sometimes you just need a fun deck that’s visually striking.

    What was that talk about a Deckaholics anonymous? I feel like I’m going to be getting there soon.
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  17. why 48? lol
  18. Because 47 cards just don't handle as well.
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