Finger Flicker-Pit Hartling, Help!

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by curtistry, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, there is a trick which is apparently in a book called card fictions by pit hartling the trick is called "Finger Flicker", I saw it performed by David Blaine a while ago and I was wondering if anyone could give me a short explanation of how this trick may be done! All answers welcome, thanks people! :)
  2. You'll have to go find the book yourself, or just hope someone PM's you. Did you look at the rules for the for this forum? Exposure isn't allowed, this would be exposure. How long have you been in magic? Could you work out your own handling? That's what I'd do.
  3. Ive been in magic for about 3 years and when I get some christmas money Ill do what you said and buy the book! :)
  4. this trick may be done with a stooge and a series of invisible thread. Its not, but it may be. Exposure is not really something we are here to support. Best bet is to wait until you can buy the book, or try and work out a method for yourself.
  5. Just from my own idea's on how the effect might be done, I have a method that works 99% of the time and uses no stooges or gimmicks. When it doesn't work though I made up a simple "Out" to fix it although i've never had to use the out in live performances before.
  6. That's probably the way to go. I've heard that it's a really good book. I actually can think of an impromptu method, but it's no where near as clean looking as the one in the performance I found on youtube. Jason England talked about the particular technique I'd use in his lecture at EMC 2010.
  7. Card Fictions is one of my all time favourite books, every effect in it is killer, and I use finger flicker all the time. Its impromptu and super easy to do. Get the book, you won't be dissapointed. Cheers!
  8. Yeah I agree Chris I bought the book practised finger flicker and showed it to my friends at school and they went crazy haha, definetely worth buying the book for everything you get in it.

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