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    In other words, you have no argument. You haven't spent more than a nanosecond of thought on this and are completely unqualified to be telling me or anyone else what side of this issue to take.

    Maybe by having an independent thought?

    Oh, so I'm stupid now because I don't personally know Penny? I don't know you from Adam. Why should I take your word on anything. Wouldn't that be equally stupid?
  2. And what if noone turns up to watch the greats like Lennart, Shoot and others? I think they would start paying attention to who FISM associate with.
  3. I'm completely with you Steer. As fellow magicians, we have to be able to help others if in the future we want help from them. I think that many of us just don't care because we never realize that magic tricks and illusions or whatever is being revealed over in China are the same ones we ourselves might be using in our own magic. If we never care to take a look, we might find that the effects we use have been exposed around the world, and when we go to perform, everyone will know what we are doing. As someone stated earlier, had FOX Entertainment taken over the sponsoring of the F.I.S.M., every single one of us would be going crazy over such an absurd event.

    Sometimes, we have to take a look at the bigger picture. We are helping the magic community on a whole, not only the community of China.
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    EDITED by Moderator for being quite possibly the most immature argument ever put on this forum

    This is going to go back and forth so this is my last post.

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    Another refuge of the witless.
  6. I think you kids need to take this outside. 3 O clock behind the Jungle Gym.
  7. I'm with Steerpike on this. Originally I spoke against it saying that it really wouldn't make a difference. Chances are I am correct. Even Steerpike said in his original post that it wouldn't make a difference. Even so, we have some morals to live up to. David, your arguments aren't even arguments. They are cheap shots at Steerpike.

    Magic is fun, right? Loosen up. I think I'm gonna make a TV show and expose just about every card sleight known to man. Wanna fight about it? Loosen up. Magic is fun.

    I think you need a valid argument David.

    Why support FISM this year if it's being run by the same people helping to ruin magic in China? I know why... We need to loosen up. Magic is fun, right?

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    i think this is as pointless an argument as the one's about the masked magician and youtube. everyone is so worried about exposure ruining the art, but its been several years now since the youtube tutorial's started coming out, and even longer for the masked magician. guess what, magic still isn't ruined, i cant still do a 2CM and drop someone's jaw, i can still do biddle or even a force and reveal. PEOPLE DONT GO SEARCHING FOR MAGIC, and even if they stumble upon it, they forget just as fast, it is the performer's job to draw you in and make you forget about finding the method and just enjoy the magic, so if china has the same problems as we do with exposure, ..well so what, innovate, create, be original and stop worrying because nothing is going to stop these sources, least of all an online forum. yes magic should be fun and yes exposure isn't the greatest but you all make it such a bigger problem than it really is and F.I.S.M is not the problem and neither is C.A.A. the problem is individuals who create these exposures, and the only thing we can do is hope that someday they will mature enough to gain respect for the art, but if not, then we will have to actually work on our presentation and become better performers. also, i dont think the C.A.A. should be blamed for protecting a right to free speech in an area where that right has been so limited in the past, its no worse than the free exchange of tut's on youtube. Stop stressing about this and stop looking for a scapegoat, if you focused half as much on your presentations of your magic as you did on finding and blaming people trying to "ruin" magic you would never be called on anything you did no matter how many exposure resources a spectator has seen. People watch a performance not a trick

    feel free to flame me now
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    Finally a decent opinion on the matter. And yes I admit I was acting very childish in my previous posts.
  10. Nothing worth reading past this point. You haven't made any effort to understand my point.

    It's not about being terrified of exposure. It's about doing the right thing.
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    (self-edited cause i gave up )
  12. I saw your post before you edited it out, so let me answer your criticisms by saying that you didn't get my point, so I fail to see why I should have answered by reframing everything to your misconception.

    You talk about YouTube exposure. But we're not talking about a faceless, anarchic conglomeration of sweaty teenagers. We're talking about two very well-structured and professional organizations.

    You can disapprove of these actions while not living in fear of TV exposure shows. Shocking as it may seem, this is possible.

    And I refuse to apologize for taking a stand on this and being motivated by something other than my own convenience.
  13. maybe you should have read the edited version and just let it go. stop trying to start something

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