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  1. Looks like Creepers posts got deleted and changed... So maybe it is them?
  2. Will do that sir,
  3. Creeper's posts got deleted because he requested that they be deleted. Had nothing to do with being correct or not. If someone guessed correctly, we wouldn't just delete the posts.

  4. It's JB's first DVD.
  5. It might be Chris's totally out of control and it is a 5 DVD set.
  6. It's fun to be fooled, . . .
  7. I can think of plenty of things that're more fun...but I'd be banned for mentioning them.

    The person that mentioned TOOC has made me eager to find out more about 'that' DVD's been ages since that was first mooted on these forums.

    The book is an all-time favourite of mine and I'd love to see Chris explaining everything, if for no other reason than from a purely entertainment standpoint.

  8. Deffinatly Garcia Involved

    Just took some screen shots from trailer 2, inverted the image and adjusted the curves.

    From the image you can clearly make out a face with a mustache and two earings. When matched up to images of Garcia from the trailer for Symphony, i think you can all safely agree that it is Garcis face in trailer 2 for FIVE and therefore must deffinatly be involved in the project.

    See attatched images. Sorry they suck, rushed them as I'm in work.

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  9. Oooh so close...

    It is actually a project with Tim Allen (Home Improvement and the Santa Claus)...[​IMG] Sorry guys, didn't want to have to spoil it for you...but I had to stop all of these crazy rumors.


    And BTW, moustahce is actually chinese for mustache...
  10. Rabid, my message was not in the words I used but in the words I didn't.

    Knowing your art's history is the key . . . But isn't it always?
  11. Good detective work. This is obviously a project with probably 5 artists. So far, Eric Jones (is a guess with the tic tacs), Chris Kenner (ten city), and DG
  12. Lol! That is effing halarious! My first thought was Ron Jeremy or Rollie Fingers.
  13. I love most of what theory11 does and releases but i think the hype is getting a bit ridiculous. Why just not say "Here is the product, it will be released ___ January or whenever it will be released. Most other magic companys have stopped doing all this hype, its getting old.

    It was new and cool a few years ago when it was all new over at E but now its just getting old. Magic products gets more teasers and hype then a movie like Avatar.
  14. 5

    I don't know what this could be. I have some guesses, but their nothing non of you guy's haven't said.

    It looks interesting though, :)

    -Jon R.
  15. I came across this, in the FIVE teaser three video. It showed all five identies of Daniel Garcia's newest effects: He Be Slice, Sound Ratio, Head Picture, XXXX, and TYPE of Aspect. Other words like HOFF or HOIT in the 10 sec. spot, it's really hard to stop it in time to see the word and I have know idea of what this referring to.

    I'm really sure this is all the answers that I have found today.
  16. According to J:B's facebook...its Danny Garcia and Marcus Eddie's colabo......

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