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  1. Good morning everyone.
    I have a quick question. Is there a type of flash paper that has a sound like a cap gun or a loud pop?
    I tried Google but it listed flash paper from those Asian websites. I've been told the paper from those sites can be very unpredictable.
    Thanks and cheers!!

    PS.. sorry if the "Asian websites" comment is offensive to anyone. It is not my intention.
  2. Yeah I'm with you on out of country sites.

    But Flash paper is basically nothing but tissue paper treated with nitric acid. So a lot of people make their own.

    I'd be very careful on creating your own and consult a university chemist professor before attempting anything involving chemicals, and even still you need to be very careful not just with the chemicals themselves but the laws. I would always go visit the police department and explain exactly what you're doing so it's on record who you are, what you intend to do, that way should someone get the wrong idea you're covered on that end.
  3. I'm going to be brutally honest and just say, "No, I do not know of actual flash paper that makes a loud bang or pop and there have been a few major accidents and even a death or two of magicians who have been transporting large amounts of flash paper/chemicals or making it on their own. Just buy it from a reliable US magic shop. It's super cheap and will come to you in a bag...damp. There is also flash string and powder as well.
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  4. Oh for sure. I wouldn't dream of making it on my own! lol
  5. Do a google search for a Bang Snaps. I think that will do the trick. While you're at it, do a search in the Jinx for Wild Bill Hickok's Dead Man's Hand.
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