Flourishing... Pointless?

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  1. Alright, so this is a short anecdote. Please be kind and read it all.

    Basically, my friends and I decided to go up to the city that we live in and do some magic for the people and film it. To make a long story short, we went and hung out, had some fun. We even saw another magician busking!

    However, we were asking around (blaining) and wanting to get some clips. So, I was ready and all. We saw this guy who looked pretty chill and asked, "Want to see some magic?" (in different words).

    He said, "Well, I already saw some, but more can't hurt I guess."

    He turned out to be the WORST heckler of my life. I used ALL the clever lines, all the BEST tricks, and he kept saying some CRAZY method that didn't make ANY sense. However, I found ONE thing that impressed the HELL out of him...


    I know it is odd, but after doing all my signatrue effects and stuff, I was bored and about to move on, and did a four sybil, randomly. He stopped and stared... and said, "Now THAT is impressive! How the HECK did you do that with those cards?!?"

    He was dead serious! I performed about 7 or so minutes of flourishing, and (as if it coudln't get weirder) this twelve year old kid I had NEVER met came up and started doing some KILLER fourishes! We ended up performing some stuff and it worked REALLY well.

    I guess they DO have a use after all!
  2. Awesome! Some people are amazed by different things. Some people don't like magic and don't like to be fooled by magic. On the other hand, some people prefer to be amazed by a display of skill such as flourishing.
  3. It's all in the levels people are ready to go through to enjoy something.

    Some aren't comfortable being forced to believe their card 'magically' does something.

    For those, a display of skill will suffice.

    See what I did there?

  4. Now that's funny, because I kind of had the same experience with some guys (around my age) I performed for at a paid gig : they were reeaaaaal hecklers, always trying to mess things up, until the point where I showed them, not magic but skills : flourishes, gambling demo, etc...they were floored.

    I guess indeed some people don't like to be fooled, they just don't want to let go...They feel like I you fool them, you win and they loose ; if they catch you, you loose and they win (end of the quote, thank you Darwin Ortiz). But some of them will still acknoledge your skills and enjoy some crazy stuff you do, as long as they don't feel like you're trying to trick them.
  5. Out of curiosity,what were you doing magic with? Just cards?
  6. Well, I have another, totally different anecdote, but it can relate to the same topic.

    Friend of mine, and me, went to this coffee shop, and hung out. I was showing him my new trick, and he was amazed, and than went to the bathroom :)
    While he was in the bathroom, I took the deck and started flourishing, to kill the time before he comes back.
    At the other table, there were two Canadians (since I'm from Europe, they were strangers :) ). Husband and wife. Missus saw me do some flourish, came over, asked me if I was a magician, and if I could show them something. I agreed, and we all had a great time. When I finished my set, we continued (me and my friend who came back in the meantime) to talk to the happy couple, and it turned out that they work for a company that sells T-Shirts. Coincidence is that my friend (yes, the same one), and me, also have a company that makes T-Shirts. So we arranged a meeting, and a deal, and all that...
    Now, we are working together to expand and join both our companies...

    So, if I wasn't flourishing, they would never noticed me, and hence, business wouldn't been made.

    Yeah, flourishing is not pointless.... (sometimes)....
  7. Flourishing is fine, it's stupid and pointless during magic though. I'll stick by that statement now and forever.
  8. I don't find flourishes particularly useful during magic but many times i find myself practicing in public and it draws a crowd. So it does have it's uses.
  9. Cards, coins... Keys.

    Stuff. :p
  10. I love Flourishing it has done wonders for my guitar playing. Helps strengthen the hands.
  11. that guy likes to see something imprssive just doesnt lie to fooled. thats all it was. he wanted to enjoy ur magic but found it hard to let himself be lying to

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