Flourishing With a Point

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Kras, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Friends,

    Today I had an interesting idea... however since I am just beginning to learn flourishes it is not a plot I can personally take on.

    How about this: Combine flourishes with story. Tell some sort of story or poem and use flourishes to abstractly illustrate it in perfect balance and timing with the story itself.. use gentle flourishes for happy, warm moments and so forth. It would surely be a challenge, and if someone wishes to try it, I eagerly await it.

    Whomever can effectively put this concept together, in fact, will receive a free copy of my manuscript for an effect that has been talked about for a while, "The Destiny Effect".

  2. I guess it's a decent idea, but I prefer to use flourishes to attract attention. I don't use them in performance that often.

    And what's this 'Destiny Effect?' Has it really been talked about for a while? Damn, why don't I hear about these things?

  3. I believe there's a thread somewhere around here, and at other forums.
  4. Sorry but bad idea. Story's would ruin flourishes. It takes the cool factor away. Just stick with magic stories.
  5. Just whilst we're on the topic of The Incredible Kras Destiny Effect. You should put it in Westmount Magic!!! :D

    - Sean
  6. I believe Kevin Ho in his Manuscript "Smooth Operation" had a filler explaining how you could use Flourishes in a story that had a comedic value with it.
  7. I'll take a look at that.

    The Destiny Effect is just a humble little effect of mine that spawned a huge thread made up of what I call "fishers".
  8. I wouldn't say 'fishers' at all. More, people who were genuinely interested in the effect but were slightly confused as to exactly what they were being told. Y'know?

    Along with the fact that a few people knew of other similar effects, they simply wished to know whether yours was at all similar etc.

    Of course you're going to get some fishers, that's bound to happen at some point, people get an idea and they want to see if they're right about that path. Who knows.

    All I'm sayin' is that everything just needs clearing up by someone with a level-head (not saying that you don't) and who can comment on the effect without being that "good friend" or "complete random 'new-to-card-magic-but-wanted-a-powerful-effect'".

    No offense, but I just can't see any good coming of bringing this all back up without a video of the performance. (Of course, you might argue that people want to see a performance to figure it out...)

    - Sean :)
  9. That's what I fear... I have actually filmed the effect many times but have never had the guts to post it. The effect isn't a magician fooler (depending on the handling of it you use) but fries laypeople... so I fear that a demo would spoil everything.

    Numerous people have promised reviews of private ebooks I sent out but nothing has turned up yet.
  10. well the closest thing to "flourishing" with a story I've seen is Sam the Bellhop by Bill Malone. Call me crazy, but that routine is killer. There might not be much "flourishing" as we call it today in the video Bill teaches, but I know some could be added. For instance, without giving too much away...if you could do a bunch of moves like the 1on1 download static, there is possibility.

    What Im gettign at is yes, use the original STB with new "flourishes" that keep the deck in order, and you could do it.

    hopefully that doesnt give it away too much.
  11. Well, there is an old Bushman art of telling stories by making shapes using string on their fingers. But that's more sort of displays.
  12. That's fascinating, I'll have to do a bit of research on that.
  13. Yeah, it's really cool. But take note: it's the Bushmen from South Africa, not Australia (Kalahari, I believe).
  14. There are bushmen in Australia?
  15. Yes. In the bush.
  16. Kevin Ho's Getting Into Shape.

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