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  1. Is there a definitive DVD establishing a good foundation for coin magic, kindof like the Royal Road DVD's would be for cards???

    Coinone and cointwo? Something entirely different???

    I am looking to spend up to a couple of hundred bucks so gimmicks/gaffs can be in the budget- supercoin? shells?

    What say you? :)


  2. Ammars introduction to coin magic is decent.

    Bobos is obviously top book wise though.
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    Don't ask me for DVDs, but Bobo's Book is a an amazing (or the best) source for a foundation in coin magic.

    For gaffs, definetely get a shell for the coin of your preference, if you are new to coin magic, find if you like half-dollar coins or dollar coins (or other, these are good sizes) and then get a shell for your preferred coin.

    Edit: Since you got a good budget, I'd reccommend getting coin gaffs from Schoolcraft, they can be pricey ($75 shells!) but are well worth it. If you can't (or don't want to) get them there I'd say Johnson would be good, but steer clear of Sasco.

  4. i don;t think homers dvd's are what id call good foundation at all.

    i usually recommend kaufmans COINMAGIC

    its basically a more modern bobo's in that there is a lot of stuff from many artist and many plots. a good half of the book is from david roth. and lots of nice stuff from latta.

    i think its best not to start to gaff heavy.

    id get a Copper/silver and a ]. if i had to pick one gaff coin id go C/S.
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    If I had to pick one gaff coin..... Copper silver .

    I know that wasn't the question but i I'm going to say it anyway.
  6. Bringing back an old topic from the dead- sorry again!

    I recommend Bobo's Coin Magic... it's obviously the best. But if you've absolutely got your mind set on a DVD... I've heard In the Beginning There Were Coins With Jay Noblezada is pretty darn good- but there's not much you can learn from it that you can't learn from Bobo's.

    I know ITBTWC is out of stock- but it's one of Penguin's Top Sellers, last I heard, so I'm sure it will be back soon.
  7. Copper silver is definetly my fav gimmick too. but for the introduction, Id suggest go to any well known great magician. people like roth, stone, ammar, kaughman, bobo ect. these people will knock you out of the ball park!
  8. Hey,
    I would have to say from a DVD standpoint check out David Roth. He will take you from beginner to expert in the art of coin magic. For books, there are several. Bobo's coin magic is very good, but it's a dry read. David Roth's Expert Coin Magic will keep you busy for years. David Stone is another amazing coin fellow. He has some great stuff too. Hope this was helpful.
  9. Can't go wrong with roth's expert coin magic made easy. great material.

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