Galaxy Cuts: Your illusion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MagicalTrevor2977, Dec 29, 2012.

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    My new video! Its funny how less editing and simplicity is always better!
  2. Major improvements from the "weird" crazy videos from the past. I actually watched the entire thing. :)
  3. i completely agree this surpasses your other videos tenfold. I didn't like the silliness because it undermined your actually quite impressive skill.
  4. Classy. I know you've got talent. I'm glad to see a video that finally displays it without all that silly stuff thrown in with it.

    Well done.
  5. I agree with everyone else that this is much better than previous videos. It seems like you've put more actual moves in to your cuts rather than just waving your hands around with cards between your fingers. It's really good to see you improve so much and I look forward to your next upload.
  6. Thank you all very much! I appreciate the support and I will be doing more videos like this from now on, but at the same time I will always keep my jester, spaceman, and other characters alive because they are who I am too!

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