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Gamblers Cop // Performance Guide

Feb 6, 2008
Hey Thanks praetoritevong, This is definitely helpful and good reminder to practice without doing the actual move. (e.g. If I am picking a card out of my pocket, what does it look like, how do I move may hands, etc if I actually had the card in my pocket and not copped)

Dave G.
Jun 9, 2008
just a little excersize to help you relax...

Keep a card in cop all day for a couple days. Except when you need to use your hand at that point just leave it in your pocket . The point is to get used to the card being there. Believe it or not you forget about it after awhile. After about 2 days of just hanging out with a card in my hand I got really relaxed. As an unexpected bonus I was more confident because of how few people noticed it was even there. Just try it. All the pressure is off your not doing a trick. What's the worst that could happen. Uh, why do you have that card in your hand? I promise if you do this your confidence in copping a card will be 10 fold what it is now.
Sep 17, 2008
hey i have been doin the gamblers cop with my ring finger from the time i started but now wat i do is after doin the cop and giving them to shuffle i go into a tenki palm with it placing my hands on my hips waitin for them to finish the shuffle. I think by doin this u can keep the card with u for a long time n ur safe from most of the angles then i go back into the cop before returning it back.
May 8, 2008
DO NOT MOVE IT HIGHER IN YOUR HAND, this is a recipe for disaster.

This is so important, I've only been caught once, and that was because the card was to high, which in turn was because I wasn't confident enough with the cop.
I think the only thing that hasn't been said is don't 'freeze' your arm with the cop. I'm not saying go waving around your arm and the copped card, but have that arm relaxed, like it would be if you were genuinely just resting it by your side
Sometimes you can genunely move your hands around in natural gestures that you'd make anyway and no-one sees anything. This kinda depends on spectators and situation though, and obviously isn't the intention/neccesary with a cop.

Relaxed and confident :)
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