Gambling: Keeping the full deck order.

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  1. I learned a lot about homegames too in this thread :) .. and I read a lot good gambling articles recently.. maybe i will go to vegas this summer. I'm sure i can learn a lot there.. the atmosphere by itself makes it worth go there in my opinion..
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    A lot of stuff to go through. I don't endorse cheating. It's very easy to change from Fun Magician to Card Cheat. It's a hurtful label. I've been there. But if I cannot prevent you from doing that, here were my rules that I would never break. They kept me safe. And that's key.

    1) You won't be cheating at a casino unless you're marking. Daub, juice, crimps maybe. I didn't try.

    2) You'll most likely be doing home games. I was a card cheat before I became a magician. Once I became a magician remarks like "Oh the magician's up to deal! Watch out hahaha" became less comedic and more words of caution. DO NOT EVER expose your talent as a card sheet. Doing magic in the frame of fun is one thing. Exposing your ability to control an entire deck out of magic context will ruin you. It will be your ego that will be the downfall. Once that occurs, every win you get, regardless if it was real or not will be looked on with skepticism.

    3) While marking at casinos is ridiculous, marking at home games will give you more control when you don't have control. Daub and sealed juice decks were my choice. But don't push it. *Tip: If food is allowed at the table, I've once or twice marked key cards using Cheetos residue along the side of a card. It won't give you pocket Aces, but it will give you a significant statistical advantage, and if you have an even decent game this tip alone can be the only cheating you really need at a table.

    4) Seen Rounders? If you're at a table with more than $500 DON'T one-man it. Partner wins, no heat on you.

    5) Are you a one-man team? Don't win EVERY hand you deal (if dealers switch). Again, main theme here, don't cause suspicion.

    6) Cheat sparingly. Like stocks, you're in it for the big hand. Controlling more hands than necessary will give more chance for faults, exposures, or raised attention to your handling.

    7) Money creates monsters. Never forget this. Never forget this. You are cheating people out of their hard earned money. Some people are violent. Your card control better be like a full body Thai oil massage - smooth as sh*t. Learned a new move? Isn't quite smooth, but you can get away with it? Bench it until the next game. You should be able to do your game with a fresh deck of cards, or with a clumpy dirty deck of cards. Be prepared. Be safe.

    All in all the only time I used full deck control was to give the APPEARANCE of a shuffled deck. The basis of my control routine is SCC. It's very brash but it was when I was first learning. SPOT the card in an overhand shuffle. CONTROL to the top. Count how many cards need to be above it to make it into position. Then to dilute the idea of me looking at the cards, false shuffle.
    *The only time I've ever NEEDED a full deck shuffle was when I had to control 3 hands while maintaining bottom cards to bottom card deal the flop.

    False shuffles are imperative to looking fair. FULL DECK false shuffles are almost detrimental if used too much. Why not if you know how? Because people shuffle poorly. People remember hands and bad beats. If they see that King next to that 8 that put them out last hand REGARDLESS of whether or not they were necessary to your set, it will bring suspicion. Block control maintains order while shuffling the rest.

    If you play in a normal game, your right or left will have to cut the deck. How do you play this?
    -Crimp the card, swing cut over and HOPE they naturally pick the break too give you position again. (IF THEY DONT sometimes you can be lucky and it will be a deep enough cut that you can save the order. Fix the set to the new position and you're good. Why would you be shuffling twice you ask? Maybe you're a quicker and more efficient dealer and they just want you to shuffle for them.)
    -Crimp the bottom card, have them cut, and then do a pass back to the top. (BEWARE of unintentional food markings or old decks. If the top card suddenly has different distinctions you will have heat).
    -GAMBLE. You can 'tap' a deck as an "accepted cut". Read the person. Maybe even steer a conversation so they're distracted and just 'tap' the deck. You will lose this sometimes. But you will win it other times. And as we all know, poker is about the opportunity hands.

    Be safe. Please.

    -Chin, reformed card shark.

    All I know regarding the topic is in
    Expert at the Card Table
    Richard Turner's THE CHEAT DVD
  3. I don't have much experience with cheating, but if anyone's looking for good table shuffles and cuts (aside from the Zarrow shuffle) , they should definitely check out Benjamin Earl's After Midnight DVD 2.
  4. That was pro. Will keep these in mind even though I don't play for money. Great general tips for hecklers as well.

    Even if it is a gambling routine. Awesome. Thank you Chin (?)

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