Going to be going to Paris soon, but I had a question.

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  1. Hey I'm going to be going to Paris soon, but my question is, "Would I get in trouble for throwing a card off the eiffel tower?" Cause for some reason that just really appeals to me.... Probably a stupid question, but I'm curious.
  2. I would not think so unless there is attraction, because it could hit someone, or it gets stuck in the structure, but otherwise, I don't think so.
  3. K cool sweetness. I was just thinking that maybe there were rules against throwing crap off the eiffel tower.
  4. Honestly I don't think you can, literally. I'm pretty sure, if I remember correctly, the top of the Eiffel Tower is closed in with windows. However you do have two floors before the very top if you wanted to do it on one of those floors. (I was there last summer so I could be remembering incorrectly too.)
  5. ..I did it when I was up there..

    Be sure to check out the magicshops as well!

    Magic dream,
    16, Rue George Bernard Shaw,
    Metrostation Duplex
    This shop is very modern and has a lot of products.

    Le magasin de Magie
    13, Rue du Temple
    don't remember the nearest metro, but tis shop was very nice. Small, had a lot of novelty-items, and everything was in french:p
    But the man who worked there performed magic all the time - there were laypeople coming in and buying the tricks he performed, allthough they probably won't be able to perform it, since they don't have the right fundamentals:p

    Mayette Magie Moderne
    8, Rue des Carmes
    Metro Maubert Mutualité
    Didn't have time to visit this one myself:(
  6. I'm about three hours from Paris. Haven't actually been, so I can't tell you. but, enjoy!
  7. Dude, thanks for reminding me I didn't even think about going to the magic shops... but that would be so awesome cause there's not a single one around where I live, at least I don't think so. Is there even a magic shop in Colorado at all?
  8. You're from colorado? That's my hometown! I'm going back in a few weeks. I know there's one in the springs that I frequented. That's where I got my Art of Astonishment series.
  9. Are you serious? That's insane dude. I'll have to check out that store in the springs sometime I live in westminster tho so it's kinda a drive. Do you know what the name of the store is?
  10. quite serious. It's called Zeezo's Magic Castle. Right in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. And there is supposedly one in the Littleton area near denver? Ashrei should know better than I, I have yet to visit it.
  11. Okay, cool sweetness I'll have to look into that.
  12. i recommend you to go to "magic dream" it's a beautiful magic shop near the eiffel tower
  13. maybe I'm just getting old but throwing cards off the tower just seems like one of those bad ideas... But like I said that could just be me. As a voice of reason, I'd avoid it.
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    If you´re in Paris, don´t throw cards of the tower, try to met Bebel instead.

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