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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChrisKenner, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. This is why I love magic. It is also one of the many reasons that I have so much respect for the youth of magic today.

    For anyone that does not know. I am the producer for David Copperfield and we are currently on tour in Florida. Right before the 6pm show tonight one of the crew guys came to my office and said there was someone at the stage door asking for me. When I went up there was a very polite 16 year old with cards in hand. His name was Donald. He was very nice and just wanted to say hi. I was short on time so I found out where he was sitting and had him moved up to the second row and asked him to stay in his seat after the show and I would come out and chat.

    After the show I went out to talk to him and as I was approaching I noticed he was speaking to someone else that was attending the show who had noticed that he was playing with a deck of cards. I stopped to watch him do a trick. I don't think he knew I was watching. I was AMAZED at the confidence he had performing. He did a quick ambitious routine that ended with a flawless execution of the Erdnase change. Then he did what looked like Dan and Daves card to mouth and did not miss a beat. He nailed it and fried the guy he was doing it for. I watched the entire thing with a big smile on my face. I know seasoned guys that would have not had the confidence that Donald had tonight. I am more amazed everyday just how good all you guys are getting and can't wait to see what happens in the years to come.

    Thank you Donald for making my night.

    Chris Kenner
  2. Hey Chris. Take a look at this. :) Donald already made a thread. :) Sounds like Donald had a great night. Glad you enjoyed talking to him as well. Awesome moments like that don't come often.

  3. What a good thing to hear, I rarely see people performing at all much less with confidence.

  4. Wow When Donald wakes up he will be so happy to hear this.
  5. I'm just amazed that Donald is 16, he looks like he's 8. No offense meant at all :p
  6. Awesome great story.

  7. WOW thank you Chris for taking the time to write this. It is awesome to hear such kind words from a top professional magician. I really dont know what else to say.:):)
    Thank You again
  8. Donald,

    Did CK have time to show you anything or visa versa?
  9. He had a busy schedule so no he could not show anyting to me, but he did see me performing to someone, so that was cool. He signed my white centurion box and he signed the 3 of hearts. AWESOMNESS
  10. Sounds cool.

    What was your favorite part of the show from those good seats you had? I ask because its been a few years since I've been but I'm planning on catching one soon.
  11. Sorry that took so long to answer honestly the whole show was awesome but I liked when he had a scorpion and the scorpion picked the card.
  12. I should have know you would have liked a card trick the best out of everything he does.
  13. haha lol. It was awesome that trick.

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