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  1. I am new to this board, but not to magic. Also I am a customer of Theory 11. I own every deck of cards that they have produced. Really enjoy the new series of cards that have popped into the market these days.

    A bit of philosophy after Thanksgiving dinner.

    As I sit here digesting a magnificent Turkey Dinner, it occurs to me
    that it seems like only yesterday that it was last Thanksgiving.

    Intellectually, I know that there has been a year's worth of water
    under the Bridge o' Life. Emotionally, it seems like mere minutes.

    I often say that time flies when you're having fun, and even when
    you're not...and the speed of that flight increases with every passing
    year. For it is a cruel fact of nature that as one gets older, life
    seems to speed up.

    I call it Jerry's Law of Proportional Perception. As we age, each
    year is a smaller fraction of our lifespan; thus, over time, the years
    seem to shrink, diminishing in apparent length a little bit every trip
    around the Sun.

    It's a cruel trick of nature. The less time we have left on the
    planet, the faster it seems to go. When you're circling the drain,
    each orbit is more rapid than the one that preceded it...and that
    drain gets closer and closer.

    But enough depressing musing. We've had a Big Feed, our collective
    kishkes are extracting butt loads of tryptophan from all that
    Turkedelic Protein. It has been a wonderful day spending time with the
    family. It would have been perfect if my mother could have been here.

    I hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable. Jerry
  2. Well said
    but I think many other people have thought of this already, I too have done so.
    Kinda makes you think doesnt it.
    wonder what its like when were 100.
    wake up in the morning. "HAPPY NEW YEARS!"
    next morning "HAPPY NEW YEARS!"
    happy thanksgiving
  3. Well, this has been a most interesting first post Jerry. Sadly, everything you said seems to ring true from what I've heard LOL! :p

    Welcome to Theory 11. If I can be of any assistance, feel free to shoot me an email or pm.

  4. Welcome to Theory11! Have a great time here (you will or you are doing something wrong!)

    Don't hesitate to PM me either if you have a problem.

    But that was a very entertaining first post. I agree with what you said completely, and it was very well written.
  5. Are you the heckler or just copied and pasted what he said?

    Mods and Admins make sure to check those IP's :)
  6. well perceived!
  7. welcome ^^
  8. you know, that could've been one hell of a 30secs tv commercial for thanksgiving

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