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  1. i made a topic on E ages ago, but nobody really bothered to answer.

    i created an effect while playing with my cards a year orso ago, have done it numerous times in the public, and just wondering if this is new, or old (done before.

    im not adding a video, just a short description.

    you have 2 decks, 1 blue 1 red
    you take 1 of the decks (lets say red) open it, spread through it with the spec, showing no duplicates etc- front and back.
    put it back in the box and have them hold the deck.

    then you take your blue deck, do same thing, spread through it front and back. but instead of putting it in the box, ahve a spectator choose a card.

    they choose a card, the card is kwept in hand, while the rest of the cards are placed back in the box.
    a coin is borrowed, and placed ontop of their card, you wave or slam or whatever, and the coin disappears

    you tell the spec to open the red box of cards that they have been holding since the start, and notice a break in the middle
    its a coin, ontop of 1 card.
    their selected card.

    just wondering if any effect similar to this is already out.
  2. Something very similar, called Slapped Flat.

    It is done with only one deck, though. However, with very minor adjustments, it could be done your way.

  3. Peter Harrison does pretty much the exact same thing. Only he uses 1 deck not 2.
  4. hmm i read that description, uses a gimmick card.
    mines completely clean, guess the only way to find out is to make a video of it sometime

    ty all
  5. Yes, it does. However...

    The second phase of the routine uses a normal deck, and a normal coin, and is impromptu ;)
  6. And don't forget Paul Harris' "Hi Ho Silver" which is completely impromptu and uses only one deck.

    The trick sounds pretty cool but two decks don't really seem necessary. Unless when they spread through the blue deck, they find a quarter on top of a RED card. The selection.

    In other words, the red card and the coin travel to the other deck. But maybe this is overkill? Otherwise I don't see why you need two decks.
  7. its just the concept of them holding a deck after checking it, then visually see a coin disappear, finding their card in the deck they are holding the entire time

    ive dont this trick 12481280 times, always kills
    (except the first 3 orso times i did it..when i messed up or whatever)
  8. thats an odd number...

    anyway refrain from posting threads like this about who dun it?

    Simply because it doesn't matter, it's original because you created it, it's your own method, don't be suckered into getting into magic for the business, but keep the trick and make it better, always look for improvements on the trick and make it completely your own, and one day when your older and you want to sell it because it's a great trick, then sell it.

    Way to be original and create your own tricks, never worry about if someone has done it first.

    Hoochy-woochy will tell you all about that.

  9. It's possible, and Its a Paul Harris type of idea.
    I know the exact moves for it, if you want help, I thoguth of this not long ago aswell
  10. Actually mine does not use a gimmicked card. Ordinary deck of cards (one deck). Just letting you know!

    Your effect sounds good so keep working on it and I hope you get some nice performances if it works out well.

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