Help me find out what does this trick do.

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  1. Hi fellow magicians!

    Recently I was going through some old stuff and I found a box with magix trick that I am not familliar with. It belonged to my uncle and it was sitting in the basement for quite long. So naturally there are no instructions along with the box.

    I was wondering if you can help me explain what does this box do. I guess that there are several tricks included.

    Thanks in advance! :)

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  2. I can't help identify it but it is a massively cool find! That wand alone just has so much character.
  3. I definitely recognize the black stick with the silver dots. It’s called a hotrod.
  4. I see a hotrod, a wand, two cards or decks, a pendulum and a bolt with a nut. The thing on the left looks like a tube that can be taken apart. A rolled-up card should fit. This is one trick, i think. Way too much work to make a box like that just to carry your props. The box is maybe used in the trick but i doubt it. The following is all educated guesswork now;

    Card is forced with pendulum and put in tube, hotrod is used to force a color, white in this case. Card in tube has changed to white? Doesn't explain the bolt and nut though. That nut looks a bit funny to me. And it looks like a weird way to keep a deck of cards like that, unless they are gimmicked. Do you have more pics of the tube and bolt?

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