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  1. Hey Guys which book will you all advise me - Scarne on Card Tricks by John Scarne or Encyclopedia of Card Tricks by Jean Hugard? I want to buy one of them because I can't arrange for buying both books. So please help me in choosing which one will be good to buy?
  2. I lean towards Hugard, but I cant make a real recommendation because I've not read either book.
  3. I am just throwing this out there. I am a huge user of ebay and when it comes to Dover and paperback reprint magic books. I know you said you can't arrange to get both books, so I did you a favor. The links below are both books for a cheaper price than you can buy one of the books brand new. Shipping will be different for you, but for me to buy them and have them shipped to my house it would cost me $6.39 total for both books. Where if you would buy Scarne on Card Tricks brand new you would pay over $10 just for it, and that isn't including shipping.

    I did a quick search and found these Encyclopedia of Card Tricks and Scarne on Card Tricks

    The links I gave show both books being .75 a piece. I am not sure what the shipping would be for you but I made sure to get both of them from the same seller so you would get a discount on shipping, if they will ship them overseas.

    When it comes to older books like these make sure to check for Dover and paperback reprints. You can find them super cheap on sites like ebay and So you can get both books. You just have to learn how and where to shop around.
  4. I heart the above post.
  5. encyclopedia i have it and its packed with stuff! its awsome get it its a better deal then scarne
  6. OK I really have to commend you for this. Easily this is going above and beyond the call. My hat is off to you!

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