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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Finally! A person to finally stand against it with....well a whole great bunch of people.
    I'll make sure to help out, in fact I know a lot of Youtube channels that have been doing this lately.
  2. Yeah I know exactly what you mean mate.
  3. Personally I feel a lot of magic is misrepresented and made to look much better than it really is by good video editing, in cases where the effect is made to look so much better that the real thing is a waste of money piracy is acceptable. I also believe piracy can be acceptable in certain other areas too but generally don't agree.
  4. fact is U can't stop it, magician all over world do their own tricks if someone figure it out U can't do nothing ok that's a fact, are U saying someone stole of yours
  5. Well said. I have always been against piracy in all forms. The whole concept is inefficient itself.
  6. I can't keep up with all this. But I can respond to a few comments.

    If you purchase a T11 video and then upload it to YouTube, that's illegal. So, in response to one poster, no, you can't buy Jason's video on the Side Steal (didn't know he had one) and upload it to YouTube. Is it legal to make your own video teaching the Side Steal and post it on YouTube? Absolutely. What if that video cribs an insight you learned from Jason England? Still legal. Some may say it's immoral, but it'd still be perfectly legal.

    Is downloading copyrighted material illegal? Yes. Yes, it is. (Does it hurt those how own the copyright? The evidence is fairly conclusive. No. it doesn't.) Still, it's illegal. Is it immoral? That's a more difficult question. But on the assumption that nobody is harmed, it's probably not very immoral if it is immoral in the first place. And the fact of the matter is that the evidence suggests that this kind of illegal downloading actually benefits content creators rather than harming them. The lessons we learn from economists are often counter-intuitive.

    What about those YouTube "reveals". The fact of the matter is that almost none of these are illegal. Reporting them isn't going to do a damn thing except give other folks the opportunity to shame the "revealers." Those in the magic community generally consider such YouTube reveals to be immoral (or a violation of a code of professional ethics they adhere to) and enact punitive measures (largely shaming and exclusion) whenever possible against such individuals. But this self-policing is no longer a viable method of keeping secrets.

    In the rare cases in which such a YouTube reveal is illegal, the creator of the effect (or gimmick, etc...) will have had to place it in the public domain by patenting it, which is itself a public reveal. This places magical content creators in the position of choosing between six of one or half a dozen of another. And if you figure out a magic trick by watching a performance of it and share the secret with others, that's always totally legal. Your right to free speech is not impinged by the fact that someone tried to fool you and failed.

    All that said, it looks to me like magic is taking off. More and more are becoming interested in it. That's a good thing, and will benefit those interested in creating real magic. The card business is booming. More effects, props and videos are being sold than ever before. The internet boom as benefited everyone, content creators included.
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  7. Its so hard to stop anything like that in a realistic sense. Just keep your secrets secret. the public doesnt care enough to learn them all.
  8. True, it is hard to stop, considering the multimedia aspect about it these days. And the public may not care about all of them, but if you're looking for a specific paid tutorial on YouTube or just happen along one; that WAS a potential customer. Plus, it really sucks seeing something you paid for all of a sudden show up on YouTube being revealed, or done as a tutorial.

    The system does work. I've reported a few things on YouTube that did end up being taken down.
    You keep and eye out and do what you can.
    Even if you only report one tutorial or reveal, every little bit helps
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  9. What's with this? Actual logic?
  10. Yeah, and then complain and make a big deal about magic piracy. In fact, it's probably better for sales to hype piracy when he knows that the only real way to see it is on the dvd. Watch a snip or two on youtube and you'll be hooked in. Most users don't even know how to get free material (not saying that I do). Then we have sanctimonious people that probably get it for free and tell us not to.
  11. Is magic tutorials on youtube which they expose other magician's trick or sleight considered as piracy ?
  12. SNC can help you with this. When you have new product released do a contest on revealing the trick wrong like what you did in counterfeit and the heck YouTube magicians will be confused on which is the right tutorial
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  13. David Roth's expert coin magic made easy was uploaded in a youtube channel with many other magic videos what should i do.
  14. You should put this on the homepage... And bluff a little to scare of the pirates.
  15. I've stated many times before, yo I'm back, if you want to cut down on youtube etc. piracy than post bunk videos of solutions that don't exist.

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