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  1. It's the real one unfortunately. God, I hate piracy.
  2. i am in to support the process of putting a stop on any act of piracy
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    There's a guy on Youtube who is revealing all of Zach Mueller's tricks! Reported the link
  4. There is a magician that Jay Sankey promotes named Jarek. Jarek likes to expose tricks on Youtube. His latest video is called David Blaine George Bush Magic Trick Revealed. We gave Jay crap over this guy and Jay keeps pushing him. This isn't his effect to give out and now he is trading off David Blaine's name. I know there are guys at T11 who work with or know Blaine and might know Sankey. Lets shut this guy down.
  5. I know who you are talking about. But he's from Italy so I don't think the U.S. can do anything about him.
  6. If you are talking about my post Jerek is based in Los Angeles.
  7. JArek is based in L.A. I know, but the guy i replied about is based in Italy.
  8. Recently (very recently) Zach Mueller came out with the "Fanthom Change", but there is a guy from Italy on youtube that came out with a reveal on how to do the "Fanthom Change" a couple months before Zach actually released. So by technicality, who does the move belong to?
    (Keep note that the youtube video does not have "Fanthom Change" in its title.)
  9. It belongs to Zach due to him putting out teaser videos. The other guy may not have even known about it if Zach hadnt put out teasers
  10. Technically speaking? You can't copyright a method, so it's really a matter of the two guys involved trying to come to a consensus. It's entirely possible, even probably, that the two developed it independently of one another without the other knowing. Happens all the time.
  11. I had seen this youtube video before I ever saw any of Zach's teasers though.
  12. There's no way that they did it independently because the video has "by Zach Mueller" in the title.
  13. I agree with you. Its wrong and immoral to steal other peoples work
  14. Hey if i see someone do it i will tell you
  15. I just stopped subscribing to him beacause i saw this

    Thank you :)
  16. Its really matter of worry, I have seen many people get trapped under such kind of fraud.I appreciate people coming forward against this.
  17. Some of the worst are those youtubers. For some reason most seem to be British kids.
  18. Please man, the guys like Jarek who was previously mentioned don't EXPOSE magic they TEACH magic and that is a very different ball game. You wanna shut Jarek's channel down then go shut down Brian Brushwood's channel too, Oh wait, didn't MICHAEL AMMAR and MARCUS EDDIE expose magic there too? Oh wait so did DANIEL GARCIA and ANDREW MAYNE!!! Guys situations like these are not deemed EXPOSURE just because one puts David Blaine in the title if you actually looked through their channels they are people who TEACH good sleights and beginner tricks, that is not exposure.

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