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  1. i hate revealers and spoilers
  2. It's for that specific reason if I can't download illegal, free copy of something, I just steer away from it. No matter how tempted I was to buy something, I try my utmost to never give in to the temptation. For that reason also, I have thousands of magic videos and ebooks at my disposal, thousands of effects explained, magic theory. Few of them I have even read. I just love the Internet for how it enables me to get so much information so quickly and easily, when back in ye olde days I would have had to buy that material, or maybe find someone who owns that and loan it until I learn the trick(s).

    I find it funny how people insist that the slow, inefficient and costly way is the ethical one. You get all sorts of fantastic rationalizations, like people being somehow morally obliged to not reveal something they know to others because someone who earlier imparted that knowledge wants to make money with it, or my personal favorite, because we should enforce appreciation of effects by forcing people to pay for them, because paying for something makes you appreciate it more.

    Of course, the magic community actually wants the scarcity the copyright system offers. You don't want knowledge of conjuring to be abundant, because that would mean others could use this knowledge too, which would make it more difficult for you to make money by selling stuff to other magicians, to fool people that don't want to be fooled, and generally stay on top of younger magicians that don't have yet had enough money to buy all the knowledge you have. Oh how would that threaten the status quo, and your personal power over both large groups of people and the flow of cash. Luckily there's a device to stop information from propagating, in theory. Sure, you would get lots of advances in the art of conjuring if you just allowed the information to propagate, but since that advancement would require almost everyone in the community to give up some of the power they hold over others, that's unthinkable by almost anyone, but maybe some young rebels that don't yet stand to gain from the status quo. Those rebels can try to voice disagreement before they either get sealed out of the system or get lured in, gaining some tidbits of power that they would have to relinquish should the change come.

    Anyhow, the main point was made in the comment you were answering to: several studies show that there's virtually no evidence of piracy actually harming producers, rather, some studies even find it to have small positive effect on the cash flow in total. However, that cash flow changes a bit, some of the cash flow that would in no-piracy scenario go to big-name producers, in piracy scenario go to lesser known producers that gain from piracy as free advertising. However, no one will never ever care about such results of studies. "it harms producers" is actually a false argument, not because it's true or false, but because no one actually believes pirating is bad because of it. The real reason is some contrived belief-system that the amount of production that would happen if piracy was tolerated more, would be less, and the value of that missing production was so huge that no gains elsewhere in the system may ever justify that. This is however never spelled out, so we are left with this stupid false argument that no one actually even cares about, and thus, when this false argument is proven wrong(or right, for that matter), it doesn't concern anyone one iota.
  4. I agree, "look at scam school, when I was a begginer, I learnt some stuff from them, now they taught Banacheks "ring of truth",
    kinda hurts cause I still use it, but they probably got permission, lol i just made no sense, there's a lot of reveals on youtube,
    lets say, one of us does a performance of "rizer", and we upload a video.
    Guess what? by similar or recommened videos, right next to yours , you will find something, like "Rizer revealed". Just an example.
    And also, If the magic sharing sites are shut down, it will cut down the youtube reveals, as the people revealing stuff probably downloaded the effect for free.
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  6. I don't get what's wrong with somf ? It's a magic, discussion forum? I didn't come here to cause problems.
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    SoMF might not upload PDFs illegally, but it sure does expose Magic effects, and that my friend is illegal by Magic standards. Please don't visit those forums anymore. It is only for the better of you. Please take this as an advice.
  8. As I said, SOMF is a protected forum. The only way you would know I'm a member, is if you're one yourself. You should also know that Mark Bendell and Dan Harlan are both members too. And one more thing, I'm using my real name hear, so I have to watch what I say, you don't, that is the reason for your attitude. I don't care what you say next, cause I'm not the one with the problem. End of discussion on my part.
  9. SoMF might be protected, BUT you can still find out if certain people are part of that site. How? Read on...

    When you go to SoMF home. Click forums, then scroll down to the bottom of the page...guess what?

    You will find a list of currently online members, and that's where I saw you. But that was a while back.

    Anyways sorry Haroon.
  10. So anyone seen the sting operation some folks did to collect info on magic pirates? If not, you might wanna make sure your name is not on this list -
  11. It's probably not the best of ideas to actually link here to pirated content.
  12. YA! Thats really true!
  13. To the "magic pirates exposed" team . Please share this to them

    I'm surprised the "magic pirates exposed" team didn't spread their stupidity here . To those of you guys who don't know what is going on , it's basically someone or a group of people that set up a fake website of free magic downloads for people to sign up . And those who did the names are In the picture Bizarro posted .

    Some logic they have , if this is the case I can also say that someone picked up a phone and he is being called a thief when he just wanted to return the phone to the owner , a man touching a girl and he is being called a rapist when he just wanted to get a bug of her ? You guys get what I'm saying . Signing up for the stupid site you created doesn't make someone a pirate , could be out of boredom ? Who knows . Signing up is just one side of the story , so please don't accuse people blindly or you'll only make a fool out of yourself . If you really thought of this and made sure the guy was a "magic pirate" you could have added a "free" download of a trick and see who downloads it , but obviously you didn't .
  14. good post and nice discussion.
  15. i hate magic piracy ;(. i will do everything to help you !

    Dunno if this is the correct way but according to the comments it is.
    Now before you ask how i found the video. I was just actually thinking about getting the dvd a couple days ago and i allways go on youtube search for it to look around what people think about it. And this video come at like 3 place if you just search for 'Calen Morelli - Dresscode' so...

    If it can get taken down im sure it will be the best! :)

    If this is the wrong way of doing dresscode then perhaps it can be up? im not sure. Just wanted to help
  17. How can you say that? Magic is all about sharing the gift, but the creators deserve something. Piracy of videos that cost 99 cents is just the beginning, soon we could be seeing so of magic's best tricks being revealed. Don't ruin this art, don't pirate.

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